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    There is no question that the events over the past couple of months and the days to come are without precedent. We are doing everything in our power to continue to support our employees, customers and communities during this time.

    Below you will find a list of the latest tools and education for your draft system maintenance in the wake of these challenging times.

    Hibernating Your System

    Hibernating your draught beer system

    We’ve consulted with top industry experts to create guidelines for hibernating your draught system in the event you are unable to serve draught beer for an extended period of time. It is critically important to take the correct steps now to make sure your draught system stays healthy and you are not faced with unexpected expenses or quality issues when starting your system back up.

    Emptying Kegs

    Keg Emptying Tool Kit & Guide

    For best practices and assistance in how to manage or empty kegs so they can be properly shipped back to breweries, we have developed a pre-assembled keg emptying tool kit with detailed instructions.

    For orders or If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to call us at  (866)327-4159 or email us directly at

    Restarting Your System

    Restarting Your Draught Beer System

    As restaurants and bars begin to reopen across the U.S., it's important you get back on track to serving your customers quality draught beer! If your draught system was shut down for an extended period of time, follow these recommended procedures and guidelines to restart your system.


    Reduced Contact serving solution from Micro Matic

    Micro Matic, the global leader in draft dispensing solutions is proud to introduce PushTap™, the faucet with single hand Push Action™ dispensing!

    This innovative, NSF approved faucet, allows you the ease of pouring any draft beverage with a single hand! PushTap™ uses patented technology along with a 304 stainless push plate for easy Push Action dispensing. Limit operator contact with germs and bacteria by simply placing your glass on the dispensing plate and simply, push and pour – it’s that easy.

    On Time Delivery

    working HArd to get you what you need

    As bars and restaurants open nationally, Micro Matic has all the draught beer equipment you need to get your system up and running. With the largest inventory in the industry at our 4 warehouses located throughout the US, we’ve got you covered!

    We are comitted to getting you your order on time every time. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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    Virtual Training Series

    Our draft training experts from the Micro Matic Dispense Institute have compiled FREE online 30 minute training webinars to help answer your questions and get your draft system back up and running again in the proper way.

    Commercial Draft System Reopening Guide

    Retail Draft System Reopening Guide

    Beer Glass Cleaning "Best Practices"

    System Maintenance for Successful Dispensing



    Our focus is to actively support all our customers now and prepare for the wave of openings to come. We will continue to adjust our plans as necessary to support our customers and this amazing industry. We will get through this together.



    We set the pace with proven technology and resources to propel your company to the top of the market. Check out our new Learning Center to get the latest information and technical knowledge from the industry's leading experts. Also available is our Draft Beer Forum, where novices and experts share tips and tricks on everything draft beer.