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    BeerBlast® Nitrogen Generator - 7 kegs/hour - Wall Mount

    The BeerBlast® KPH Series – Mixed Gas Dispense System increases profits, eliminates over or under-carbonation, and improves all around taste and draft beer quality. BeerBlast® KPH models utilize state of the art technology that reduces operating costs and yields premium beverage grade nitrogen gas to preserve the brewer’s intended product quality. Gas blender NOT included.
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    # N2-GEN-7KPH-MM
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    BeerBlast® nitrogen generator and mixed gas dispense system increases profits, eliminates over or under-carbonation and improves draft beer quality. Use state-of-the-art technology to reduce operating costs and premium beverage grade nitrogen. These lightweight and compact units are easy to install and are provided with turn-key blends applicable to beer, wine or coffee. The patent pending dual bed PSA design BeerBlast® KPH generates its own nitrogen on demand. This technology yields higher flow rates, enhanced nitrogen purity and efficiency no other generator can deliver.

    Delivered with the patented BlastOff™ Leak Detection System, BeerBlast® is designed to detect beer gas leaks before they become catastrophic. In addition, this technology will reduce service calls and gas run-outs, while protecting the unit from unnecessary (excessive) operating hours.


    • The system creates up to two different blends of gas, one blend for lagers and the other for nitrogenated beers
    • The blends produced by BeerBlast® are extremely accurate and provided on demand
    • Increases profits, eliminates over or under-carbonation and improves draft beer quality
    • BeerBlast® is designed to detect beer gas leaks before they become catastrophic
    • Reduces service calls and gas run outs
    • Turn-key blends applicable to beer, wine or coffee
    • Peak demand 7 kegs/hour
    • Increases profits and improves product quality
    • Offers 99.80% purity


    • Nitrogen generator
    • Gas blender (not included)
    • Backup nitrogen regulator (except nitrogen cylinder)
    • Nitrogen receiver tank, 28 Gallons
    • All fittings and hardware (except wall bolts and beverage tubing)

    NOTE: For applications where a blender is already installed, specify the N2-GEN® KPH model.

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