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    Angram Counter Mount Beer Engine Hand Pump with Water Cooling

    Cask conditioned Angram counter mount beer engine hand pump. 1/2 pint per pull with water cooling.
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    # BE-A-CM
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    This Angram Counter Mount Beer Engine Hand Pump requires cutting a hole in the counter for the handle to locate. This installation is permanent and yet offers an elegant look on the bar top. Because of its unique action assembly, the unit can be installed into bar tops of any thickness up to 2" without the need for packaging, shims or adjustments of any kind. The brassware alignment is automatically correct, as is the cylinder alignment. Fitting becomes a simple matter of cutting the opening using the template provided and bolting the unit in.

    The cask beer tap is dispensed without using CO2 gas and instead by manually pulling it from the cask with a beer engine (hand pump). Pull the perfect pint with an Angram beer engine, the Rolls Royce of beer engines.

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    • Fast installation
    • Ultra-light, precise pour action
    • Modular design for easy service
    • Proven reliability durability

    Quite often cask—conditioned ales are not refrigerated or require cooling from the refrigerator to the beer engine. The water jacket recirculates water from a cool water source to cool the beer line and cool the dispense head. The cool water source could be a container in the refrigerator to store water.

    WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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