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    5 lb Aluminum CO2 Air Tank - Empty

    Made of high-strength, durable aluminum, this 5 lb aluminum CO2 air tank delivers dependable performance for up to 8 half kegs per fill.
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    # 430A-5E
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    Replacement Parts
    Replacement Parts

    Pressurized gas is a key component on any draft beer system. This dependable 5 lb aluminum CO2 air tank provides the right amount of pressure to your gas lines. 


    Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, this CO2 air tank is lighter than steel and will not rust. Measuring 18 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide, the tank has a capacity of 5 lb. of CO2, which will last for roughly 6-8 half kegs. When in use, the tank must be in a fully upright position, so do not tilt or lay it on its side. 


    The body of the canister has a brushed finish and the dome is unpainted. It comes with a CGA 320 valve. The tank is stamped with required U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC) Markings. 




    • Beer Gas tank for draft beer systems 
    • The capacity of 5 lb. of CO2 – dispenses 6-8 half kegs per fill 
    • Made of high-quality aluminum with a brushed body and unpainted dome 
    • Lightweight and does not rust 
    • Comes with a CGA 320 valve 
    • Must be used in an upright position 
    • Stamped with required U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC) 
    • Markings 
    • Can be filled at local gas supplier 
    • Bulk discount available 
    • Ships empty due to Federal regulations 


    NOTE: Due to Federal regulations, your aluminum gas tank will be shipped empty. To fill with CO2 before you hook up your draft system, check your local listings under “Gas,” or try local fire extinguisher supply or welding supply companies. If you have a multi-tap system, you can buy your 5 lb. CO2 tanks in bulk for extra savings. 

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