Nitro Brew Coffee: Cold Brew Coffee from a Kegerator, Summer's New Drink

It’s summer and everyone is looking for a new, cool, refreshing drink. With warm weather there’s one thing you can count on — people looking for something cold to drink.

Do you own a café, restaurant or convenience store? Let’s make your summer drink new, not just lemonade or soda. The latest is nitro cold brew coffee—served straight from a variety of dispensing units! Nitro cold brew coffees are the hottest beverage in town, with marketplace growth jumping nearly 530% between 2012 and 2016 (with nearly $8 million in sales).

Did we mention the up-charge? People will pay more for a premium nitro brew versus iced coffee, boosting your bottom line (usually a $1 up-charge). If you want to be like the cool kids, it’s time to get nitrogenized.

A Dispenser to Fit Your Business

Micro Matic, the global leader for on tap beverage dispensing, has your back on newest equipment to elevate your business by expanding your beverage portfolio. With Nitro cold brew’s popularity, Micro Matic now offers options for nitro cold brew kegerators and equipment.

The Mini-NIM: The Perfect Glass of Nitro Cold Brew Without the Guesswork

The Mini-Nim

The Mini-NIM offers simplicity and consistency. The NIM (Nitrogen Infusion Module) takes all the guess work and complexity of sourcing/producing nitrogenated products. It’s this easy: 1) connect a RTD (ready to drink) keg of cold brew 2) choose to dispense with nitrogen or still. It is truly simple: with its compact size and easy-to-adjust settings. These characteristic make this dispenser a no-brainer for those looking to offer nitro cold brew coffee or nitrogenated tea!

The Americano Dispenser: Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Cold Brew Coffee is a Go with this Kegerator!


The Americano dispenser is perfect for putting kegs of ready-to-drink coffee in. Brew-your-own and utilize a corny keg to store and dispense from. Or purchase cold brew in kegs ready to dispense. The Americano is a variation of the ubiquitous draft beer dispenser, kegs are refrigerated inside and a chrome draft tower with stout faucets on top. Nitrogen infusion is based on a cylinder of nitrogen running through a nitrogen infuser (NIM) just before being dispensed.

Warm Weather? It’s Time to Get Nitrogenized with a Cold Brew Coffee Kegerator

New Summer Drink

No one wants to give up their coffee just because the weather has warmed up. Be ready to serve a new choice - nitro cold brew.

Whether you’re a large chain that demanding fast service for customers, or an artisanal independent shop, we have you covered. Be ready to serve the “hot” cool beverage of summer, cold brew coffee on tap from a kegerator! Contact a member of our sales team today to learn more.

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