Micro Matic Beer Distributor
Business Listing

W & L Sales Co., Inc.

4050 Industrial Rd.
Harrisburg, PA 17110 (Map)
p. 717-441-7991

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Breweries Association
Appalachian Brewing Co., Camo Brewing Co. Inc., Carlsberg, Carriage House Imports Ltd., Crown Imports, LLC, Diageo-Guinness USA, Dos Equis, LLC, Matt Brewing Co., The, MillerCoors LLC, Pabst Brewing Co.

Breweries Brands

Abbey Roade Belgian Ale Jolly Scot Scottish Ale Saranac Extra Special Bitter
Anniversary Maibock Kasteel Cru Saranac Imperial IPA
Arc Keystone Saranac Imperial Stout
Ballantine Ale Kipono Fest Saranac India Pale Ale
Blatz Lone Star Saranac Lager
Blue Moon Belgian White Ale Lone Star Light Saranac Marzenbier
Blue Moon Full Winter Ale Lost Lake Saranac Mocha Stout
Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale McSorley's Saranac Mountain Ale
Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale Modelo Especial Saranac Nut Brown Ale
Blue Moon Rising Moon Spring Ale Molson Canadian Saranac Oatmeal Stout
Bohemian Molson Dry Saranac Pale Ale
Broad Street Barleywine Molson Export Saranac Pomegranate Wheat
Caffrey's Mountain Lager Saranac Rauchbier
Camo 900 High Gravity Lager National Bohemian Saranac Scotch Ale
Camo Black Ice Negra Modelo Saranac Single Malt
Camo High Gravity Lager Old Milwaukee Saranac Winter Wassail
Camo Silver ICE Old Milwaukee Light Schaefer
Carling Old Milwaukee Non-Alcoholic Schlitz
Carling Black Label Old Style Schlitz Bull Ice
Carling C2 Old Style Light Schlitz Malt Liquor
Carlsberg Olympia Schlitz Red Bull
Celtic Knot Irish Red Pabst Blue Ribbon Schmidt
Champale Pabst Blue Ribbon Light Schmidt Ice
Colt 45 Pacifico Sol
Coors Palm Speciale Sophie's Sparkling Ale
Coors Extra Gold Lager Pearl Lager Special Export
Coors Light Pennypacker Porter Special Export Light
Coors Non-Alcoholic Peregrine Pilsner St. Ides
Corona Extra Piels St. Pauli Girl Lager
Corona Light Pilsner St. Pauli Girl Special Dark
Country Club Malt Liquor Purist Pale Ale St. Pauli Non-Alcoholic Malt
Creemore Springs Rainier Stag
Dom Blonde Kolsch Rainier Ale Stroh's
Dos Equis Amber Rainier Light Susquehanna Stout
Dos Equis                                         Rickard's Red Tornade
Genuine ALE Rickard’s Honey Brown Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale
George Killian’s Irish Red Lager Rickard’s India Pale Ale Tsingtao Lager
Grinnin' Grizzly Spiced Ale Rickard’s Original White Tsingtao Pure Draft
Grolsch Saranac Adirondack Lager Volks Weizenbock
Grolsch Weizen Saranac Belgian Ale Water Gap Wheat
Guinness Draught Saranac Black & Tan William Worthington's White Shield
Guinness Extra Stout Saranac Black Forest Winterfest
Haffenreffer's Private Stock Saranac Bock Worthington's Creamflow
Hinterland Hefeweizen Saranac Brown Ale Zatec
Hoppy Trails India Pale Ale Saranac Chocolate Amber Zoigl Star Lager

Cities in 10 mile Radius
Andersontown, PA
Blue Cross, PA
Blue Shield, PA
Brandtsville, PA
Bressler, PA
Brownstone, PA
Bureau of Motor Vehicles, PA
Camp Hill, PA
Capital Blue Cross, PA
Dauphin, PA
Defense Depot, PA
Department of Revenue, PA
Drexel Hills, PA
E Pennsboro, PA
Ellendale, PA
Enola, PA
Fair Acres, PA
Frogtown, PA
Genco, PA
Goodhope, PA
Hampden Station, PA
Hampden Township, PA
Hampden Twp, PA
High Spire, PA
Highspire, PA
Hoernerstown, PA
Hogestown, PA
Hummelstown, PA
Lebanon, PA
Lemoyne, PA
Linglestown, PA
Lisburn, PA
Locust Point, PA
Lower Paxton, PA
Marsh Run, PA
Marysville, PA
Mech, PA
Mechancsbrg, PA
Mechanicsburg, PA
Mechbg, PA
Middle Paxton, PA
Mount Allen, PA
N Cumberld, PA
Navy Ships, PA
Navy Sup Dpt, PA
New Cmbrlnd, PA
New Cumb, PA
New Cumberland, PA
New Cumberland Army D, PA
New Cumberlnd, PA
New Kingstown, PA
New Market, PA
Newcmbrlnd, PA
Nw Cumb, PA
Nw Cumberland, PA
Nw Cumberlnd, PA
Oberlin, PA
Pa Blue Shield, PA
Paxtonia, PA
Penbrook, PA
Pennsylvania Blue Shield, PA
Pheaa, PA
Rudytown, PA
Shepherdstown, PA
Shiremanstown, PA
Singersville, PA
South Enola, PA
South Hanover, PA
State Dept of Education, PA
State Employment Security, PA
State General Services, PA
State Liquor Control, PA
State of Pennsylvania, PA
Steelton, PA
Stoverdale, PA
Summerdale, PA
Swatara, PA
Traffic Safety, PA
Trindle Sprg, PA
Upper Allen, PA
USPS Official, PA
W Fairview, PA
Waltonville, PA
Washington Ht, PA
Water Gap, PA
Wertzville, PA
West End, PA
West Enola, PA
West Fairview, PA
Westfield Ter, PA
Williams Grv, PA
Winding Hill, PA
Wormleysbg, PA
Wormleysburg, PA