Micro Matic Beer Distributor
Business Listing

J & M Distributing Co., Inc.

P.O. Box 380
West Seneca, NY 14224
p. 716-827-1133

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Breweries Association
Boston Beer Co., Diageo-Guinness USA, Heineken USA Inc., High Falls Brewing Co., Imported Brands, InBev USA, MillerCoors LLC, Pabst Brewing Co.

Breweries Brands

Alexander Keith's Haffenreffer's Private Stock Red Shiliang
Amstel Light Hasseroder Rickard's Red
Antarctica Heineken Lager Rickard’s Honey Brown
Aqua Fratelli Vita Heineken Premium Light Rickard’s India Pale Ale
Arc Herog Jan Rickard’s Original White
Astika Hoegaarden Rifey
BagBier Hougaerdse Das Rogan
Baisha Imperial Safier
Ballantine Ale Jelen Piva Sam Adams Light
Bass Jinling Samuel Adams Black Lager
Belle-Vue Jinlongquan Samuel Adams Boston Ale
Bergenbier Julius Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Biekirch Jupiler Samuel Adams Brown Ale
Blatz JW Dundee’s American Amber Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
Blue Moon Belgian White Ale JW Dundee’s American Pale Ale Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock
Blue Moon Full Winter Ale JW Dundee’s Festival Ale Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic
Blue Moon Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale JW Dundee’s Hefeweizen Samuel Adams Cream Stout
Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale JW Dundee’s Honey Brown Samuel Adams Double Bock
Blue Moon Rising Moon Spring Ale JW Dundee’s India Pale Ale Samuel Adams Hallertau 24
Boddington's JW Dundee’s Pale Bock Samuel Adams Hallertau Imperial Pilsner
Bohemia JW Dundee’s Porter Samuel Adams Hefeweizen
Bohemian Kamenitza Samuel Adams Holiday Porter
Boomerang Kasteel Cru Samuel Adams Honey Porter
Borostyan Keystone Samuel Adams Millennium
Borsodi Sor KK Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Bozicno Klinskoye Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale
Brahma Kokanee Samuel Adams Pale Ale
Bud Light La Becasse Samuel Adams Scotch Ale
Budweiser Labatt Blue Samuel Adams Summer Ale
Caffrey's Labatt Blue Light Samuel Adams Triple Bock
Cafri Labatt Ice Samuel Adams White Ale
Caracu Liber Samuel Adams Winter Lager
Carling Lone Star Santai
Carling Black Label Lone Star Light Schaefer
Carling C2 Lowenbrau Schlitz
Carta Blanca Marathon Schlitz Bull Ice
Cass McSorley's Schlitz Malt Liquor
Castlemaine XXXX Molson Canadian Schlitz Red Bull
Champale Molson Dry Schmidt
Chernigivske Molson Export Schmidt Ice
Colt 45 Mousel Sol
Coors Murphy's Spaten
Coors Extra Gold Lager National Bohemian Special Export
Coors Light Nik Cool Special Export Light
Coors Non-Alcoholic Nik Gold St. Ides
Country Club Malt Liquor Niksicko Pivo St. Pauli Girl
Creemore Springs Noroc Stag
Diebels OB Steinlager
Dimix Old Milwaukee Stroh's
Dommelsch Old Milwaukee Light Sukita
Dos Equis Old Milwaukee Non-Alcoholic Taller
Dos Equis Amber Old Style Tecate
Double Deer Old Style Light Tecate Light
Franziskaner weissbier Olympia Tennent's
Genesee Oranjeboom Tolstiak
Genesee Cream Ale Ozujsko Pivo Tomislav
Genesee Ice Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon Tooheys New
Genesee Light Pabst Blue Ribbon Light Tornade
Genesee NA Palm Speciale Vieux Temps
Genesee Red Lager Pearl Lager William Worthington's White Shield
George Killian’s Irish Red Lager Permskoye Gubernskoye Winterfest
Glide Ratskeller Piedboeuf Worthington's Creamflow
Grolsch Piels Yali
Grolsch Weizen Pilsner Yantar
Guinness Draught Rainier Zatec
Guinness Extra Stout Rainier Ale Zhujiang
Haake-Beck Rainier Light Zizhulin

Cities in 10 mile Radius
Air Mail Facility, NY
Amherst, NY
Athol Springs, NY
Bflo, NY
Blasdell, NY
Bowmansville, NY
Cheektowaga, NY
Clarence, NY
Depew, NY
Eggertsville, NY
Elma, NY
Firm Zip Codes, NY
Hamburg, NY
Harlequin Books, NY
HSBC Atrium, NY
Ind Order of Foresters, NY
Jingo, NY
Lackawanna, NY
Lancaster, NY
M and T Bank, NY
Marine Midland, NY
Nat Fuel Gas Co, NY
Orchard Park, NY
Roswell Park Memorial Instit, NY
S Cheek, NY
S Cheektowaga, NY
Scoreball, NY
Silhouette Books, NY
Sloan, NY
Snyder, NY
Snyder Square, NY
South Cheektowaga, NY
Spring Brook, NY
Springbrook, NY
Town of Tonawanda, NY
University Buffalo, NY
W Seneca, NY
West Seneca, NY
Williamsville, NY
Fort Erie, ON