Beer Hose Assembly - 3/16" I.D. x 5' Long with Stainless Steel tail pieces

XtraFlexmaster Beer Hose Assembly


3/16" I.D. XtraFlexmaster tubing is designed to help reduce bacteria build up in the beer lines. Includes stainless steel tail pieces to ensure the best in product purity. The ultra smooth inner wall prevents bacteria build up. Real world testing shows that bacteria count is less after 5 weeks in XtraFlexmaster tubing, than in vinyl tubing after 2 weeks. Used in applications where the distance between the keg and the faucet is less than 5’. The small I.D. (inside diameter) provides the correct restriction to the beer flow balancing against the pressure applied to the keg. This brewery approved hose will not rot, swell, or dry out and is unaffected by normal beer line cleaning chemicals.

New Product!FDA Compliant


Max Temperature100 degrees
Restriction Value2.50 Lbs. per Foot
Tail Pieces304 Stainless Steel
Connection FittingsHex Nut with 7/8"-14 Threads (U.S. Beer Industry Standard)
Misc.759 Neoprene washers included
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