3-1/2" FlexiDraft Column Tower Kit - D System

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3-1/2" FlexiDraft Column Tower Kit


Already have a kegerator? Retrofit most kegerators with a new FlexiDraft Tower

FlexiDraft is the revolutionary way to ensure draft beer quality. Never clean a tapping system again. In minutes, the probe, beer line and faucet spout assembly is replaced with each keg change.

This complete FlexiDraft retrofit kit includes: keg coupler, tower with mounting hardware, and 10 beer line assemblies.


  • Keg Coupler, D-System
  • 3-1/2" Polished stainless steel tower
  • Faucet spout with tap handle
  • Mounting hardware
  • 10 D-system beer hose assemblies

Kegerator must have had a 3” column tower with bolts that go through the top of cabinet to allow the FlexiDraft tower to mount properly.

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Dispense SystemFlexiDraft "D" system
MountingFits brewery standard 3" tower bolt pattern
FinishHighly Polished Chrome
Connection (Product)1 time use beer line assy. "D" system
Base Width4-3/8""
Faucet Height10-1/2"
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