3" Column - Spin Stop Double Faucet - Polished Stainless Steel - Air Cooled

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3" Column - Spin Stop 2 Faucet


Integral "Anti—Rotation Flats" stops the spin!

  • Improve efficiency at the bar. No down time from a loose faucet shank
  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces service calls
  • Eliminate the possibility of kinks in the beer line
  • All stainless steel contact and NSF approval

Beer Tower complete

  • Preassembled 5' long brewery approved beer hose, that is unaffected by normal cleaning chemicals, with a hex nut and neoprene washer on one end for connecting to keg coupler
  • Premium quality polished 303 stainless steel beer faucets, a PTFE lever washer for smooth consistent performance and easy operation, a solid stainless steel faucet lever and shaft, and a chrome plated bonnet and collar. (Tap Handle not included)
  • Mounting gasket and mounting hardware
Spin Stop—a simple solution for keeping the beer faucet upright!
New Product!Choose stainless steel for the ultimate in purity!NSF CertifiedStop Spin


Dispense SystemAir Cooled
Faucets2 303 Stainless Steel (Tap Handle not included)
FinishPolished Stainless Steel
Connections (Beer)5' x 3/16" I.D. hose with 3/16" 304 stainless steel tailpiece and hex nut connection
Column Diameter3"
Faucet Height9-1/4"
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2 4933SS Stainless Steel Faucet, 303 $33.00 In Stock
3 D5N-ARF Spin-Stop Elbow Shank Assembly $44.21 In Stock
4 4328 Shank Snap Ring $1.49 In Stock
5 4330 Sleeve $1.49 In Stock
6 4332 Coupling Nut $3.11 In Stock
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