Trumix® Gas Blender - Double

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Trumix® Gas Blender - Double
# TM200-70-30
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Part #: TM200-70-30
Blend 1: 70% CO2 & 30% N2, Blend 2: 25% CO2 & 75% N2


Trumix® Double Gas Blending Panel

The Trumix® Gas Blending Panel is a small wall—mounted unit that tucks neatly and safely out of the way. It is easy to install and is extremely dependable. The Trumix® requires no electricity, on—going maintenance or adjustment. It can be used with all sources of clean nitrogen and CO2 including high pressure cylinders, and bulk tanks. 


  • Standard Flow: Up to 30 kegs/hr. (15 kegs/hr. per blend) dispensed
  • On—site accurate gas blending
  • More cost—effective than pre-mixed cylinders
  • Lager Blend: 70% CO2 & 30% Nitrogen
  • Stout Blend: 25% CO2 & 75% Nitrogen


  • Inlet Pressures: 55—150 psi, however, panel can be set to match any conditions. Blender tuned at inlet pressure of existing system. Standard 55 and 70 psi
  • Outlet Pressures: Adjustable outlet pressures of 0—60 psi. The maximum outlet pressure will always be 10 psi lower than the lowest inlet pressure
Uses high—pressure regulators for inlet gas. See part numbers 942B & 942BN.
For inlet, use braided vinyl hose to withstand higher pressures. See part 549WD1200.


TypeDouble Gas Blending Panel
Lager Blend70% CO2 & 30% Nitrogen
Stout Blend25% CO2 & 75% Nitrogen
Dimensions11" W x 15" H x 6" D
Outlet PressureAdjustable
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