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Integrated Bar Solutions

Integrated Bar Solutions

Engineer. Install. Pour. The perfect draft system made simple.

Bottom line, in the customer experience it’s the quality of the beer and wine being served, and for this reason the bar equipment is a priority. You need an integrated solution that includes the draft beer system, bar refrigeration, and underbar stainless. Depend on a well-designed commercial draft beer system in your bar or restaurant to ensure a positive experience for your customers which encourages them to keep coming back for a perfect pint or glass of wine just as the brewer or vintner intended.

A solution begins with a call to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. We build a relationship to understand your needs and it’s not just about selling equipment. Beyond our exceptional line of commercial bar equipment, Micro Matic has a Network of Certified Installers specifically trained to install your new draft beer system. We’ll support you through all phases of the project from designing the right system, installation of the system, and finally making sure the system is pouring perfectly.

Delivering Reliable, Sustainable Performance

The draft beer system design process starts with an understanding of the dispensing environment and your expectations. If needed, on-site audits define technical specifications and performance criteria. It all comes together with our Certified Installers working to high standards that deliver reliable, sustainable performance.

Maximize Keg Yield, Improve Reliability, Ensure Quality

The process of designing and specifying a draft beer system goes well beyond the equipment specification; we work with you to develop a solution that will help maximize keg yield, improve performance reliability, and ensure quality. Leverage our experience to provide you a complete business perspective from keg to glass.

Custom Draft Towers

The draft beer experience begins at first glance – “what’s on tap?” We have one of the largest portfolios of draft beer towers in the industry. However, we want to work with you and create a beer dispenser that fits your design criteria. Challenge us with your vision! We start with our Kool-Rite module that can be designed to fit almost any shell, providing the pour quality you can depend on. Then we can offer custom shells that can be powdercoated or finished to match any style. Our Design Center awaits your concept and then turn it into reality.

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We know how changes in ambient temperatures, keg storage temperatures, the location of the draft beer station, how keg volume and time impact efficiencies. The beer system will be an integral part of the on-premise environment. The beer system we design will reflect the style of restaurant or venue from its draft tower, to the technical specifications of the system design – everything impacts performance, quality and profits.

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Pro-Line Refrigeration

Beverage quality begins with proper storage temperature whether kegs, casks, bottle or cans. Beer does not respond well to fluctuations in temperature. Maintain a specific temperature range and present the perfect pint to your customer. Micro Matic Pro-Line is a complete portfolio of commercial refrigeration from single temperature direct draw dispensers to dual-temperature back bar systems to walk-in-coolers.

Each cooler is designed to fit the needs of the on-premise operator’s size and use specification. You can find Micro Matic Pro-Line all over town from the corner sports bar to the high volume stadium. It’s easy to understand the logistics of why we have four regional stocking warehouses for fast delivery.

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Draft Beer Systems

Pouring the perfect pint is more than just the skillful art of a well-trained bartender, it all starts with a well-built draft beer system. The draft beer system design process starts with an understanding of the dispensing environment and the expectations of our customers. From at home kegerators to commercial draft beer systems, many key factors work together to maximize taste, quality and profitability. Micro Matic USA knows how these systems work from the inside out, and will help you to build your draft beer system to ensure you get the highest quality pour every time.

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Underbar Equipment

Micro Matic offers an extensive line of commercial-grade refrigeration and underbar equipment to meet all of your design requirements. As a leading supplier to the foodservice industry we know the demands of short lead times and on-time delivery mean to the success of a job completion.

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