Sommelier Wine Font (4 Faucet)

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Sommelier Wine Font 4 Tap



  • Distinctive style!
  • Wine Certified Equipment: wine lines, shanks, & faucets
  • Polished Stainless Steel exterior for lasting beauty
  • Takes up less space than traditional mushroom
  • Elegant 18" overall height

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Wine Dispensing Font complete with

  • 5' 1/4" I.D. Gen—X Tubing ensures no loss of CO2 from the beer or wine and practically eliminates any O2 ingress into the beverage tube that could promote bacteria growth and off—taste
  • 304 Stainless Steel shanks and tailpieces
  • Polished 304 Stainless Steel Side Pull Faucet (Tap handle not included)
  • Our new side pull faucet features 304 Grade Stainless Steel (body and shaft assembly)
  • Excellent for dispensing wine, spirits, ciders and water
  • Mounting gasket and mounting hardware

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Choose stainless steel for the ultimate in purity!NSF Certified


Dispense SystemAir Cooled
Number of Faucets4
Faucet Material304 Stainless Steel
Shank Material304 Stainless Steel
FinishPolished Stainless Steel
Wine Line1/4" I.D. Gen-X Tubing
Connection1/4" 304 Stainless Steel Tailpieces with Hex nut and Neoprene washer
Overall Height18"
Height to Faucet Outlet11-1/2"
Top Diameter7-5/16"
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