Your ‘Pitcher Perfect’ Solution for Sourcing Quality Commercial Bar Beverage Dispensers

Commercial Bar Beverage Dispensers

When you experience the perfect pour from a draft beer tower, you know it. It’s that crisp, clean taste; the fresh aroma; and just the right amount of head at just the right temperature. It’s so good, you’d swear it had been poured straight from the brewery. While capturing this experience and providing it to customers may seem like an impossibility, foodservice equipment suppliers simply need to find the right products and work with a knowledgeable beverage dispensing equipment provider. Here are some of the differences finding the right supplier can make to your business.

Choosing the Right Supplier for Your Commercial Bar Beverage Dispenser Needs

One of the most important processes in setting up your restaurant or bar is selecting the best beverage dispensing equipment. Whether you’re thinking of pouring beer, coffee, wine, cocktails or tea, a well-designed beverage dispensing system will deliver exceptional taste and quality. The first step to achieving this is figuring out the suppliers invested in finding you quality foodservice equipment.

Finding Foodservice Equipment Suppliers to Source Quality Beverage Dispensing Equipment

The Micro Matic promise: Quality Without CompromiseMany of today’s foodservice equipment suppliers are under constant pressure to deliver cost savings to their customers, regardless of the pricing structures within their supply chain. This can cause them to source through foreign markets to find lower priced finished products or discounted low-cost components or raw materials. Unfortunately, this compromise in quality can lead to an inferior product and more trouble down the line as the products or components begin to fail.

Suppliers have another option: working with Micro Matic, an industry leader that operates under the motto, Quality Without Compromise. “Given our large market share, our core products have to meet the standards set by the world’s largest brewers,” says Micro Matic’s National Sales Director, Trey Wiegand. “We have established long-term relationships and significant purchasing power that enables us to purchase top-quality raw materials at a competitive price.”

Wiegand also states that Micro Matic invests heavily in advanced manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure consistency and efficiency for your commercial bar beverage dispenser.

Getting What You Need When You Need It

“Micro Matic operates four regional warehouses and one master warehouse, carrying 2,600 different SKUs with an inventory value of $25 million, which results in the shortest lead-times anywhere in the U.S.,” says Wiegand.

Personalization for Your Brand and Needs

Personalization for Your Brand and NeedsCustomization is another key area that can pose a challenge for equipment suppliers. For example, you may need a unique draft beer tower that ties in with a brand or vision, or a draft beer system designed to fit within a tiny space to fulfill a customer’s needs. “If you can think of it, we can build it,” Wiegand says. “We can build anything, but design aside, we focus on speed.

Customers receive a quote within 24 hours and, if requested, a drawing within 48 hours.” Once approved, production time is four to six weeks, a timeline the company considers best in class within the industry.

Want to serve drinks other than beer? Not a problem.

Micro Matic adheres to the concept of Everything on Tap, meaning that not only is the company an expert at manufacturing draft beer equipment and systems, but they can also accommodate suppliers needing beverage dispense solutions for wine, water, liquor, tea, cocktails, or coffee (regular or nitro cold brew). Your customer simply needs to pick their beverage of choice and Micro Matic can make it happen.

Knowledge and Help Right at Your Fingertips

Knowledge and Help right at your fingertipsYou probably know the frustration of calling a beverage dispense provider and not getting an answer; even worse, not getting a call back. Or maybe your provider is attentive but doesn’t understand your business needs and keeps pushing you toward a product you don’t want. It happens all too often.

Not so with Micro Matic. “We have 63 dedicated salespeople, each of whom is an expert in the field of beverage dispense,” assures Wiegand. “This field sales team is fully supported by a central project management team who are experts in coordinating shipments, installations, and billing. This ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach provides market expertise and project management support.”

And when Wiegand says each team member is an expert, he’s not kidding. Micro Matic salespeople attend Dispense Institute training to improve their draft beer knowledge and technical skills. Salespeople learn from field-trained instructors and can leverage their instructors’ experiences to help customers achieve their goals.

Micro Matic: Your One-Stop Beverage and Commercial Beverage Dispenser Solution

To eliminate the headache of finding the right product, part, or provider for any project, or for custom projects with a tight turnaround, Micro Matic is your one-stop beverage dispense solution. Whether you need a single coupler or faucet, a kegerator or a large remote system, we are raising the bar when it comes to commercial bar beverage dispensers. Contact us today to learn more. Our job is to make your job easier!

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