PVC Strip Door for Walk-in Cooler

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PVC Strip Door
# CDS4084
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Create visibility and easy access to the walk-in cooler with a PVC Strip Door. Prevent keg temperature fluctuations.



Create visibility and easy access to the walk—in cooler with a PVC Strip Door. Due to high traffic or multiple deliveries the walk—in cooler door may be left open. It is essential to keep the walk—in cooler closed to prevent temperature fluctuations for kegs. Save money on energy expenses and extend compressor life by installing a PVC Strip Door on the walk—in cooler opening.

Our PVC Strip Doors use patented MaxBullet® mounting hardware for easy installation or removal. Once the MaxBullet® hardware is attached to a door frame, no tools are required to attach the strips. Initial door installation is 75% faster; PVC strip replacement is 90% faster.


Dimensions40"Wide x 84"Tall
Each Strip6" W x .060 Thick
Material.060 Thick Clear Vinyl
Temperature Range-10°F to 150°F
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