Pro-Line Refrigeration Quality, Performance & Value.

Micro Matic set out to engineer and manufacture the highest quality refrigeration products in the bar and beverage industry.
We brought together beer industry and refrigeration experts, we talked with on-premise users, all in a continuing effort to deliver quality, performance and value.

Pro-Line Portfolio

Review our portfolio of self-contained direct draw, back bar, and bottle coolers in
various sizes to fit the needs of any space.

Beverage quality begins with proper storage temperature whether kegs, casks, bottle or cans. Beer does not respond well to fluctuations in temperature. Maintain a specific temperature range and present the perfect pint to your customer. Micro Matic Pro-Line is a line of commercial refrigeration from single temperature direct draw dispensers to dual-temperature back bar systems to walk-in-coolers.

Each cooler is designed to fit the needs of the on-premise operator’s size and use specification. You can find Micro Matic Pro-Line all over town from the corner sports bar to the high volume stadium. It’s easy to understand the logistics of why we have four regional stocking warehouses for fast delivery.

Pro-Line Direct Draw Dispensers

The simplest, easiest to maintain dispensing system is a cooler where the keg is stored directly below the dispensing head. Beer industry experts set the standard for our direct dispensers. They started with a balanced refrigeration system that is designed to operate at 36–38˚ F. The side mounted evaporator optimizes interior space and access to keg tapping. Draft towers are continuously cooled with circulating cold air to ensure each pour is delivered cold and without excess foam.

Micro Matic is the first to have a standard glass rinser integrated into the dispenser. Simple plumbing connects the rinser to the cold water supply. When ready to pour invert the glass on the rinser to ensure a properly conditioned glass for the beer. In addition, the water from the rinser helps keep the drip tray clear of beer.

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Single Temperature Back Bars

Storage at the back bar is important, from bottles, cans, mixers to extra kegs you need equipment that will withstand the rigors of a busy bar. Pro-Line was designed with a space-saving side-mounted evaporator that maximizes interior storage and access. Bright interior LED lighting on all models provides excellent visibility for fast product identification.

Ask about right-hand mounted evaporators to match with left-hand units for that custom look.

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Dual-Temperature Back Bars

Do you require different temperatures for special products, and package needs? We've expanding the concept developed for Pro-Line Wine, these versatile back bar units offer the ability to store beverages at two different temperatures within a compact 60” length.

The color-coded digital thermostats allow the left zone a range of 35-45˚ F and the right zone a range of 45-60˚ F. Consider utilizing for cask beer which requires a higher temperature than the 38˚ F keg beer requires.

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Pro-Line Wine

Wine On Tap has changed the way wine is packaged and served in North America; fine varietals are now available in keg. Micro Matic pioneered the innovation of dual-temperature zones for keg wine. Store and serve white wines at 45˚ F and red wines at 55˚ F (these temperatures are adjustable).

Pro-Line Wine units are the turn-key approach to serving keg wine with easy installation and set-up. Keg wine is a great value to the on-premise operator with minimal waste and stays fresh until poured.

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Pro-Line Bottle Coolers

Complete an integrated back bar look with durable Pro-Line Bottle Coolers. Get fast access by sliding the lockable lid and grabbing cold bottles.

Stay organized with heavy duty, epoxy coated adjustable bin dividers. The rugged galvanized interior is NSF approved for pre-packaged and bottled products.

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Pro-Line Walk-In Coolers

Maintaining the beer’s temperature starts at the walk-in cooler, dedicate a walk-in cooler for Kegs Only. Our industry leading modular panels are custom designed for each installation.

We can configure any angle or footprint to maximize available square footage – don’t settle for pre-fab and wasting usable space. Depend on lower freight costs and fast delivery from four strategic manufacturing plants.