Liquid Thermometer

Liquid Thermometer
# ST1236-31
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Part #: ST1236-31
Ideal for monitoring the actual liquid temperature of beer. Temperature range -40º to 60º F (-40º C to 15º C)




  • Ideal for monitoring the actual liquid temperature of beer
  • Thermometer enclosed in a casing filled with liquid, to provide constant accurate readings of the liquid temperature within the refrigerator
  • NSF certified and comes with mounting bracket

Note: The thermometer is a precision instrument. Severe shock or strains may affect accuracy. Should recalibration become necessary, proceed as follows:

Fill a tall 32oz. container with crushed ice, add cold tap water to fill the container, and stir well. Immerse SureTemp® to it's protective ring in the mixture, touching neither the sides or bottom of the container. ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 30 MINUTES BEFORE ADJUSTING. Remove SureTemp® from the container, hold the adjusting nut under the dial with a suitable tool and turn the dial so the pointer reads 32˚ F.


What temperature do I need to store draft beer at?

NSF Certified


TypeLiquid Encased Thermometer
Temperature Range-40º to 60ºF (-40ºC to 15ºC)
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Great to monitor liquid temperatures inside the Kegorator accurately
By Brett from MI on Monday, June 27, 2011
6 out of 7 found this review helpful
A great design to accurately measure liquid temperatures accurately within the cooler. It beats actually placing a thermometer inside your freshly poured beer.

All plastic, not really a pro or a con but seems cheap....

Arrived approximately 6 degrees out of calibration based on there easy to calibrate method. The clearance to access the nut to adjust calibration is extremely minimal. I do not have a wrench that can fit between the gauge and cap to make the adjustment. The nut is to tight to wedge something against the nut to make the necessary correction.

The metal band does not come with any sort of hardware to mount the band to the inside of the cooler. A simple self-taping screw and washer would have gone a long ways had it been included for the price!

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