Kronos - 8 304 Faucet Draft Tower, Glycol, Wall Mount

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Kronos - 8 Faucet Draft Tower


Save space and serve cold beer with our new wall mount draft tower – Kronos! The brushed stainless steel finish with polished stainless steel faucets provide an eye-catching, hygienic stage for "what's on tap!" The drain is hidden behind a brushed stainless steel skirt for a clean appearance.

Installation Suggestions with Kronos

  • Direct Draw – Through the Wall Dispensing. Beer will warm up in the wall space between the interior of the walk-in cooler and the exterior. Guarantee your first pour is cold by utilizing a power pack to circulate cold glycol around the shanks at the point of dispense
  • Long Draw – Remote Dispensing. If there is limited space on the bartop or even the back bar consider the Kronos wall mount dispenser
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Perfect for Modular Multi—Faucet Installations

Kronos makes for excellent modular multi-faucet installations. For example: combine two 10 faucet Kronos for a show stopping 20 faucet draft beer station. Simply plumb the glycol from one station to the other and tie the plumbing together behind the hidden skirt.

Choose stainless steel for the ultimate in purity!Kool-Rite Technology included.NSF Certified


Model TypeWall Mount Draft Tower
Dispense SystemGlycol Cooled (Kool-Rite integrated module)
Faucets8 304 Stainless Steel (Knobs not included, order seperately)
Faucet Spacing3" center to center
Connection (Product)1/4" O.D. Stainless Steel tubes with tapered barb 1/4"-3/8"
Connection (Glycol)3/8" O.D. Copper tubes with 3/8" barb fitting
Back Plate Dimensions24" Wide x 17-1/4" High
Integrated Drip Tray24" Wide x 9-1/2" Deep
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