Parts and Fittings for
Draft Beer Keg Systems

Fittings & Couplings

Welcome to the “nuts & bolts” department! The small fittings on these pages make the assembly and maintenance of your draft beer system easier. It is important to use the correct hardware to prevent leaks at your beer and gas connections. Think of Micro Matic as the “corner hardware store” – all the parts you need from knowledgeable people!


The tailpiece is used in conjunction with a nut and washer for hose connections. It is also referred to as a hose nipple. Micro Matic offers economical chrome plated brass or for the ultimate in draft purity – stainless steel. The barb end is able to grip the interior wall of the hose and when used with the appropriate sized clamp – secures your connection.


The tailpiece is held onto the coupler, wall bracket, or shank with a nut. “Beer nuts” are available in either a hex style to use with a wrench or wing style that is finger tightened.


A food grade polyethelene washer seals the connection under the tailpiece and nut. To avoid leaks, always use a washer at these beer connections.

Beer “Y” & Elbows

Use a “Y” fitting if you want the beer to service two dispense points from the keg cooler. To avoid crimped or kinked beer lines and to ensure an unobstructed flow, use an elbow where line routing is confined.


Micro Matic offers a full range of clamps perfect for all connections.

  • Stepless stainless steel clamps are the industry standard due to their positive 360° grip. A full range of sizes is offered for use on both vinyl and barrier tubing. Stepless clamps require a special crimping tool for installation and removal.
  • O-clamp single ear zinc plated clamps are economical and easy to crimp and remove. Double ear stainless steel clamps offer a step up from single ear with more clamping force for a secure seal. Both O-clamps require a special crimping tool for installation and removal.
  • A micro worm gear clamp is easy to tighten using a flat head screwdriver. These stainless steel clamps are great for temporary installations or if hose is removed often.
  • Snap plastic snap clamps are ideal for home dispensing and yield fast connections. Simply squeeze together using your fingers. Easy to release with a pair of pliers

Splicers / Unions

Splicers are required to join two hoses of the same I.D. (inside diameter) or to make a transition from a larger I.D. to a smaller I.D. Match a splicer size to the I.D. hoses to be used.

  • Straight The most common splicer, straight, is offered in the most configurations. All Micro Matic straight splicers are stainless steel to ensure the best in beer purity.
  • Elbow & U Bends A stainless steel elbow or U bend produces an unhindered liquid flow opposed to a kinked line. All Micro Matic elbows and U bends are stainless steel to ensure the best in beer purity. Also applied to glycol and pressure flow connections.
  • Cross liquid flows into one leg of the cross, and then out in three directions. All Micro Matic cross fittings are stainless steel to ensure the best in beer purity. Also applied to pressure flow connections.
  • Inline “T” & “Y” inline “T” or “Y” are ideal for dividing beer from the keg cooler or for pressure flow in two directions. A “T” for pressure flow is available in brass, stainless steel or metal.

Wall Brackets

A wall bracket is a hose joint/transition point mounted on the wall of the walk-in cooler. Wall brackets are used to make a stable transition from rigid barrier tubing to flexible vinyl hose. Micro Matic wall brackets are available in stainless steel for the ultimate in product purity. Stainless steel wall brackets are included on our secondary panel kits for labor reducing installations.

Shutoffs & disconnects

Inline shutoffs are an easy way to turn off beer or pressure flow downstream from the keg coupler or regulator. We also offer coupler mounted shutoffs. Quick disconnects are designed to shut-off the beer or gas flow. If you have one regulator and one gas line leading out of it and you use multiple keg couplers; an easy suggestion is to install one female quick disconnect on the line from the regulator, and then install one male connection on each of your couplers. You can make a quick gas connection to any coupler in just seconds!

John Guest

John Guest push-in fittings are fast and reliable connection alternative over traditional compression and barb fittings when connecting two liquid lines. Simply cut the tubing square and insert it into the fitting. Check out our full range of fittings for the beer and beverage industry! If you don't see what you're looking for, or not sure how to use or choose the right fittings, please give us a call at (866) 291-5756 or send us an email at

Our goal is your draft beer enjoyment!