In-Line Profit Maximizer - Stainless Steel

PRO-MAX Wall Mount (FOB) - SS


Reduce pour cost and maximize profits! Minimize beer loss when changing kegs. Foam is beer – stop wasting it when a keg empties. PRO-MAX (FOB detector) senses an empty keg, and shut down the flow of beer in the line. With PRO-MAX in-line Profit Maximizer the beer line remains full when the keg empties. There is no need to re-fill the beer line: this reduces waste and maximizes glasses per keg.

Easy to Operate 

Replace the keg, reset the PRO-MAX (FOB), and beer is flowing again.


  • Manufactured of stainless steel & ABS plastic
  • Finest FOB in the industry
  • Large beer chamber for easy viewing
  • Wall mount
  • Stainless steel hose connections

Multiply the glasses wasted per week by your profit per glass to see the money you could gain with a Profit Maximizer.

Choose stainless steel for the ultimate in purity!


TypeWall Mount
Overall Height6-3/4"
MaterialStainless Steel & ABS Plastic
CleaningRotate lever on side to lift float
Reset CO2 BleedPush lever on top
ConnectionsStainless Steel barbs for 3/8 I.D Vinyl Hose
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Saves beer, prevents stains on bartender clothing
By Bill Rogers from Madison, WI on Saturday, June 4, 2011
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These things automatically stop the flow of beer when the keg empties, and make a smooth restart when the new keg is tapped. My bartenders like that blown kegs don't spray beer foam all over their clothing any more. FOBs are good for my bottom line, and their clothing bills. These units are very high quality. I recommend them.

After a couple of years of pouring dark beers, though, the white floats become stained even though we're meticulous about line cleaning. There appear to be no replacement floats, only replacement glass and gaskets, making me think Micromatic wants us to replace the whole thing rather than offering a gasket/float rebuild kit. That's unfortunate.

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