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Foam is beer—stop wasting it when a keg empties. PRO—MAX (FOB detector) senses an empty keg, and shut down the flow of beer in the line. With PRO— MAX in— line profit maximizer the beer line remains full when the keg empties. There is no need to re—fill the beer line: this reduces waste and maximizes glasses per keg. Multiply the glasses wasted per week by your profit per glass to see the money you could gain with a profit maximizer.

Easy to Operate 

Replace the keg, reset the PRO—MAX (FOB), and beer is flowing again.


  • Lowest priced FOB
  • Tall beer chamber for easy viewing
  • Wall mount
  • Hose barb connections


TypeWall Mount
Overall Height9-3/4"
CleaningPush in bottom knob to lift float
Reset CO2 BleedPush top button
Connections(2) 3/8" John Guest hose barbs
Includes(3 ft) 3/16" O.D. Drain hose
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By D W from Iowa City, IA on Sunday, November 29, 2009
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I have used these products now for 5 years. Amazing. When a keg is empty at the tap the flow just stops to a trickle. No mess. You change the keg, allow the cylinder to fill with beer and all head waste maybe 4 oz, is pushed out. then push the bottom plunger. This releases a ping pong ball to float again and allows beer to continue down the line. When pouring the first beer from this it is almost a perfect pour! This is amazing. I have 20 beers on tap so it is saving me tons! even if you only have a few, this saves so much. Think about the time to even clear the line so it pours right again, let alone the mess. The guest watching you do all of this. A necessaty of all bars!

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