In-Line Profit Maximizer - Plastic

PRO-MAX Wall Mount (FOB) - P


Reduce Pour Cost & Maximize Profits!

Minimize beer loss when changing kegs

Foam is beer—stop wasting it when a keg empties. PRO—MAX (FOB detector) senses an empty keg, and shut down the flow of beer in the line. With PRO—MAX in—line profit maximizer the beer line remains full when the keg empties. There is no need to re—fill the beer line: this reduces waste and maximizes glasses per keg. Multiply the glasses wasted per week by your profit per glass to see the money you could gain with a profit maximizer.

Easy to Operate

Replace the keg, reset the PRO—MAX (FOB), and beer is flowing again.



TypeWall Mount, reversible bracket
Overall Height6-3/4"
CleaningRotate top knob to lift float
Reset CO2 BleedPush button
ConnectionsHex Nut threaded
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