New Marketing Excitement - Illuminated, Branded 
Beer Tower Medallions

Draw attention to "what's on tap?" by using the warm glow of illuminated brand plaques. European breweries have set the on-premise style and have been using illuminated draft beer tower medallions to promote draft beer offerings. Lighting the beer brand creates visibility and draws attention to what could be an unused dimly lit area. This European bar marketing trend is now available in North America!

Using illuminated medallions produces an uncluttered,contemporary look for the draft beer tower. Branded draft beer tap handles for the last few years have been produced in a variety of sizes, shapes and heights in the hope of winning the customer’s attention. Draft beer names and logos can be lost in the clutter of competing handle shapes. The bottom line for draft beer sales: Brand recognition is key.

Micro Matic presents the new Premium Fish Eye Branded Medallion for Vin Service beer towers. Medallions are produced using a new technology to make sure each beer brand is a sharp reproduction of the name and logo. These high gloss lenses allow the customer to see the brands available from multiple angles – just like a fish eye.

The medallion holders have LED light(s) inside. These are low wattage for low energy usage and are long lasting. Over 130 branded medallions are currently available from Micro Matic. More breweries are adding their brands weekly. Consider what illuminated medallion draft towers can do to stimulate draft beer sales at your establishment!

Check out the current medallion selections today.

Vin Service Draft Beer Towers:

  • 1, 2, and 3 faucet draft beer towers use an 80mm medallion.
  • 4 faucet draft beer towers use a smaller 60mm medallion.
  • Specifically these tower styles: Brigitte, Lucky, Maxi Panther, Sexy

Two medallion materials are available:

Badge/Plaque: Installing a branded plaque is fast and simple. If there is a generic white fish eye or existing branded fish eye, pop it out of the holder using a small, thin flat head screwdriver of knife. Insert the new plaque by flexing it slightly to pop into the holder. Once in the holder, the design can be leveled by rotating the plaque in the holder.

Label/Sticker: The sticker is simple to apply over the white standard lens. However the lens will need to be replaced if it had a sticker had been used and the brand was changing. The positive side for stickers is that they can be produced by local instant printers using an adhesive stock.

Celli Draft Beer Towers:

  • Utilize an 82mm medallion holder – not currently available from Micro Matic.

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