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CO2 Pressure Tester
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Part #: PT1000
Assure the accuracy of dispense CO2 regulator gauges


Successful dispensing of draft beer with 100% CO2 requires precise pressures when balancing the system against temperature. No different than using a calibrated thermometer for exact beer temperatures, the CO2 pressure tester is utilized to assure that regulator gauges are accurate. The tool is particularly useful with 0—60 low pressure gauges or damaged gauges. A unique feature is the ease of calibration of the tester's gauge pointer through "zero adjusting".


Step A.—Check System for Pressure Leaks

Prior to utilizing tester, check the system for pressure leaks and repair. Regulators malfunction and gauge readings are inconsistent when leaks are present.

Step B.—Reset Gauge Pointer to Zero

If the tester's gauge pointer is not reading at zero, remove cover from the faceplate and place thumb and index finger on each side of the pointer close to the pivot point (hub). Place a small screwdriver in the slot at the pointer's hub and lightly turn against thumb and finger. Release pointer and repeat or reverse adjustment until pointer rests at zero. Replace the cover on the faceplate. The tool is now ready to be applied to the dispensing system.

Step C.—Testing

The tester can be attached directly to either a "D" or "S" style coupler with the adapter or it can be attached directly to a shut off from a regulator or gas distributor.

Testing from Regulator

For testing from a shut off, place the open end of the 5/16" ID vinyl from the tester and attach directly to the barbs of the shut off from a distributor or regulator. Assure that the tester's shut off is open to the 5/16" line and closed going to the coupler adapter on the other side.

Testing from Coupler

To read pressure directly at the coupler, engage directly onto the tester's adapter. Assure that the shut off feeding this side is open while the opposite shut off to the 5/16" line is closed.
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With the tool attached in either method, apply pressure from the regulator. If the regulator gauge reading is inaccurate or unreadable, adjust the regulator to the tester's gauge. Replace or repair regulator gauge / regulator if required. To prevent beer from entering the tester's gauge, attempt to keep gauge upright while utilizing with coupler adapter.
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Gas Systemfor use with CO2 only
Overall Length15" approx
Coupler Flusherfor use with either D or S couplers (FT108)
Gauge0-30 resetable to zero (624-030)
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