Keg Beer Jockey Box Info.

The beer is cooled through stainless steel coils in a bath of crushed ice and water. It is recommended to keep the internal keg temperature below 55°F.

Coil Capacities:
50’ & 70’ Coils
Use at small to medium events where a few beers are dispensed at a time. The faucet will be closed and the coil has time to recover between pours.

120’ Coils
Use at large events and venues, i.e. stadiums, racetracks, etc. Perfect for events demanding continuous cold beer to be poured. These coils are known for non-stop pouring.

Use Tips
· It is recommended that the ice/water bath is maintained at 32°-33°F.
· It’s important to replenish the ice in the bath and pour off excess water to maintain the temperature.
· The coil must be completely submerged in the ice/water bath. Exposed coil can lead to foamy beer.
· Always use cubed ice. Crushed ice melts too quickly.
· 30-40 lbs of applied pressure when dispensing at room temperature.


A cold plate is a block of aluminum with an imbedded 18’ stainless steel tube. The cold plate is placed under crushed ice to cool the beer. All Micro Matic cold plate coolers are made with a large capacity 10”x15” cold plate. Cold plate coolers are only recommended for use when the internal keg temperature can be kept colder then 55° F.

Use Tips
· It’s important to drain off the excess water when using a cold plate and re-crush the ice, allowing for good contact with the plate surface. Never allow a cold plate to sit in water, all Micro Matic coolers have a rack.
· Cold plate coolers have built-in jumper lines.
· 30-35 lbs of applied pressure when dispensing at room temperature.

Be prepared:  Order the tapping equipment for your party cooler. Check out our cross reference list for the right keg coupler for your beer keg.


A few minutes of clean up will make the next party cooler event come together fast!

· Always flush the beer out of the lines and clean after use before storing your party cooler.
· Use a chemical cleaner designed specifically for the beer industry.
· Use a pressurized cleaning kit for fast, thorough cleaning. For smaller coils you can use a hand pump kit.
· Use a faucet wrench to remove and clean the faucets.
· Rinse thoroughly with water.
· To prevent rinse water freeze during next function, dispense slight amount of beer through tubes before adding ice.

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