4" Party Pump - Chrome w/ Black Lever Handle

4" Metal Pump - Lever Handle



  • 4" chrome plated pump
  • Tin—nickel plated base
  • Durable long lasting pump
  • Short handle is ideal for the smaller diameter 1/6 kegs
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Proper Dispensing & Pumping

  1. Tap the keg
  2. Open faucet until all pressure is relieved
  3. Open faucet and begin pumping until desired flow is reached
  4. Stop pumping, only pump with faucet open
  5. Repeat step #3 until keg is emptied


Do all brands of beers use the same keg tapping equipment?
What is the difference between a party pump and keg coupler?

Important information regarding Prop. 65 for CA residents.


TypeGuinness / Harp / Boddington
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For Guiness needs gas.
By Nick from Dixie Liquor on Tuesday, February 26, 2008
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The problem I run in to with these style taps, only really with Guiness, is that the taste is different. In bars Guiness is pumped with a Nitrogen gas mix. When using a hand pump it makes the beer taste what I would describe as flat.

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Product Quality
Ease of Use
Customer Service
By Sebastian B. from New York City on Monday, October 29, 2007
2 out of 3 found this review helpful
I could never figure out how to stop the keg from foaming so much. There was always more than an inch of head on my glasses of beer. The taste was good but maybe I was pumping too much or too vigorously.

Otherwise I have been consistently impressed with Micro Matic and their professionalism. The forums on this website have proven very useful on several occasions, although they did not help me reduce the foam on my party pump in this situation

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