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    Magic H20 Carbon Filter Water Dispenser – Remote Installation

    Ceramic Magic Remote Tower with under counter mount Carbon Filter Water Dispenser. Three Faucet Tower with 3 selections.
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    # H2O-UCM-M-KIT
    $10,854.00Per unit
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    On-demand fresh, filtered, and chilled "tap" water with the Magic H20 Carbon Filter Water Dispenser. Consider the savings and sustainability of bottled water. Filtered tap water is ready immediately, no need to store or carry inventory. Kit features an elegantly sculpted dispense tower, Magic. This beautiful high gloss finish includes a "water" decal, along with lighted medallions for each water choice.

    Quality and Purity

    • Start with available tap water, then microfilter and purify it by removing chlorine, leaving the water better tasting and balanced with natural mineral salts.
    • No prolonged exposure to plastic, which may leach harmful chemicals when exposed to high temperatures or sunlight.
    • The purity of 316 Grade Stainless Steel dispense components.

    Water Choices on Demand

    • Ambient Still
    • Chilled Still
    • Chilled Sparkling

    Tap Water Dispenser Includes

    • Under Counter mount chiller/carbonator with remote Tower
    • 3 faucet Magic White Ceramic Tower
    • 30' 1/4" I.D. braided insulated barrier tubing
    • 10' trunk line bundle
    • Water regulator and filter
    • High-pressure CO2 regulator

    WARRANTY: 1 year parts & labor.

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