Secondary Regulator Panel - 4 Gauge - 0-60 PSI - 4 Pressures - 4 Kegs

Secondary Regulator Panel - 4 Gauge - 0-60 PSI - 4 Pressures - 4 Kegs


Installation ready! Save time and easily install secondary regulators for your draft beer system with this pre-assembled regulator panel. A metal panel makes installation on a walk-in cooler wall easy and features an integrated stainless steel wall bracket that acts as a reliable transition between a keg jumper hose and trunkline connector.

Safely and effectively control the flow of gas to four kegs in your draft beer system. Premium Plus secondary gas regulators reduce pressure from a primary regulator or gas blender and provide this lower pressure to each individual keg. The secondary regulators have an adjustment range from 0-60 PSI range so you can quickly monitor the amount of gas flowing from the gas source to the keg. For added safety, this model has an integrated pressure relief valve that vents the gas flow if outbound pressure exceeds 55 PSI. Premium Plus regulators come standard with a tamper-evident adjustment screw and bonnet, preventing unauthorized adjustment to gas pressure which can cause foaming/performance issues.


  • 4 pressures/4 products
  • Four gauge secondary regulator mounted on a metal panel for simple installation
  • Wall mount panel with pre-drilled holes
  • Stainless steel wall bracket
  • Premium Plus secondary regulator with tamper-evident adjustment screw and bonnet
  • Pre-taped pipe plug and two hose barbs included
  • Forged brass and die cast for durability, accurate machining
  • Stainless steel valve seat for high corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel inlet filter
  • Constant pressure supply at high output flow rates
  • Pressure relief valve ensures safety by releasing at 55-65 PSI
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