3/16" I.D. Clear Vinyl Hose (Priced by the foot)

3/16" I.D. Clear Vinyl Hose


3/16" I.D. vinyl tubing is used for the beer hose in most applications where the distance between the keg and the faucet is less than 5’. The small I.D. (inside diameter) provides the correct restriction to the beer flow balancing against the pressure applied to the keg.

This size hose is not appropriate for use in lengths longer then 5' as a higher then normal keg pressure would be required to dispense the beer and this would result in over carbonated (foamy) beer. This brewery approved hose will not rot, swell, or dry out and is unaffected by normal beer line cleaning chemicals. Economically priced by the foot so you can order as little or as much as you need. Also available in 50' coils, 100' spools, or 500' spools.

Note: When purchased by the foot, you will receive 1 complete Length (i.e. Purchase 5 ft. and you will receive (1) 5 ft. length)


What is restriction?


ClampsSNP-6 / 705W / 1314 / 133SL
LengthPriced per Foot
Max Temperature140 degrees
Restriction Value3.00 Lbs. per Foot
Liquid Content1/6 oz per foot
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