KissKleen Multi Draft Beer Glass Washing Brushes with Base

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KissKleen Multi Brush Cleaner with Base


Draft Beer Glass Multi Washing Brushes with Base

  • The only brush set designed to clean the inside AND outside of the glass

  • No electricity – safe to use

  • No moving parts, thus no frustrating down time

The KissKleen™ Glass Washer come completely assembled, ready for use. Fits into any sink system as a replacement to other glass washers (i.e. powered unit or 3-brush unit). The glass slides down over the goblet/middle brush to clean the inside, while the 3 opposing arms simultaneously clean the outside. Move the glass up and down while rotating will ensure complete coverage.

Use KissKleen™ as a pre-scrub before the dishwasher. At the dishwasher staging area, get the unit wet and add a few drops of dish soap to the brushes.  Simply run each glass through the device prior to putting it into the glass rack.  Eliminate lipstick residue!

  • Clean draft beer glasses inside and out.
  • Heavy duty polyester bristles with a densely filled dome top hold up to extreme use.
  • Threaded white plastic stems help prevent draft beer glasses from being chipped or broken.
  • Molded red plastic base with positive-suction provides a tight grip in sink.
  • Completely assembled and ready for use, no moving parts.

Product Info:   

  • Manual glass brush washer
  • 11 in (W) x 10 in (L) x 6 in (H)
  • Designed to wash, inside and out at the same time
  • Works in existing 3-sink systems
  • Works with various size and type glassware
  • Easy to clean
  • How to get your glassware Beer Clean®


    BristlesHeavy Duty Polyester
    Bristle ColorBlack
    Overall Dimensions•11 in (W) x 10 in (L) x 6 in (H)
    BaseMolded plastic with positive-suction
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