Case Study #2: Quality Without Compromise

Micro Matic - A Champion for Quality, Innovation and Customer Service
How Micro Matic Became a Champion for Quality, Innovation, and Customer Service

Micro Matic got its start in 1953, and today the company is recognized as a leading global supplier of draft dispensing systems and solutions in over 120 countries, with a product portfolio that also includes custom towers, dispense components, refrigeration, multi-beverage kegerators, and more. But no matter how large the portfolio becomes, Micro Matic never wavers when it comes to quality. It’s what they call “quality without compromise.

To maintain the highest levels of quality, Micro Matic has put strict quality controls into place, regularly rejecting 20% of the raw materials that enter their supply chain for not meeting the company’s strict requirements. The company’s goal is to offer a consistent product at a competitive price—every time. “It’s quality you can count on,” says Micro Matic President Cian Hickey. “We could bring in pallets of finished goods from outside the United States and stick our label on it, but that’s not the Micro Matic model. We bring in raw materials, ensure they’re of the finest quality, and then assemble and manufacture our own products. This gives us full control over the quality of the product the customer receives.

Recently, Micro Matic expanded their quality department, a team that works alongside other departments within the organization to focus on continuous improvement for all products and processes. Parts are manufactured under ISO 9001 standard requirements and inspected using instrumentation traceable to the NIST standard, and the company only uses the best inspection equipment for each job and ensures it’s always properly calibrated prior to measuring a product. The product is also performance tested to gauge functionality and to be sure it performs exactly the way it's supposed to.

As a customer-driven company, Micro Matic also likes to work hand-in-hand with their customers. “Rather than inventing something behind closed doors and hoping the ‘ta-da!’ moment when we present it to the customer goes smoothly, customers are invited to be engaged in the development process,” says Hickey. “This way, we know that the ‘ta-da’ moment is going to unveil a product that meets their expectations and their needs.

Champion in Quality, Innovation and Customer Service

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