SpinStick Beverage Mixer - 9" Diameter

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SpinStick Beverage Mixer using Vortex Technology


Cocktails on Tap

Using 'Vortex Technology' ensures the continuous blending of pre-mixed cocktails. Simply drop the SpinStick™ stirrer into a filled Beverage Tank (sold separately) and place tank on top of the proprietary motor base and within minutes a gentle vortex forms resulting into a continuous mixing of the cocktail.

This patent pending technology mixing base will prevent just about any recipe cocktail from separating and settling. Pulp and seeds are not a problem for this mixer so now you can get more creative with your cocktail recipes. It is completely electronic so there are no parts to wear out, pumps to clog, seals to leak, nothing to maintain. The power supply uses a single outlet and provides low voltage 12 volts to the bases. Have multiple cocktails on tap? No problem. Because of the units low height and small footprint, you can expand the number of bases up to four simply by utilizing the power splitter.

Download Cocktails On Tap brochure here.


  • Continuous blending of pre-mixed cocktails with “Vortex Technology”.
  • FDA compliant SpinStick™ stirrer.
  • Beverage Tank™ (sold separately) securely sits on proprietary motor base.
  • Expand the number of bases up to four using single cord.
  • Easy installation.

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NOTE: Work great with with Beverage Tanks B-18-2, B-9-2, B-18-D-2, B-9-D-2 and Corny kegs.

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Mixer base9" x 9" x 3.25" tall
Tank platform9-1/4" x 9-1/4"
Single Base Power120vac @ 1A
Splitter Power Supply120vac @ 1.5A
Material18 gauge 304 grade stainless steel
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