draft beer faqs

What sizes of keg is draft beer available in?

These keg dimensions will help you determine what size refrigerator you will need to create a home kegerator.

AKA Corny Keg Pony Keg Full Size Keg
Gallons 5.00 5.16 7.75 7.75 15.50
Ounces 640 661 992 992 1984
# of 12oz. beers 53 55 82 82 165
Weight (Full) 49 lbs 58 lbs 87 lbs 87 lbs 161 lbs
These dimensions and weights may vary slightly as result of differences between keg manufacturers.

Keg dimensions

The quarter keg (pony keg) is also used in two variations that are the same capacity but have the slightly larger 17" diameter. These are the rubber sided version and the bulged non-straight wall version (used by Miller-Coors Brewing Company).

Availability of each size of keg will vary by brand of beer and location. You should inquire with your beer supplier to find out which brands of draft beer are available in your area for immediate pick-up, which ones need to be special ordered, and in which size keg those particular brands are available.

When inquiring with your local draft beer supplier, keep in mind that they usually only stock the most popular brands of beer and keg sizes. But local draft beer suppliers usually get deliveries from the beer distributors or breweries once per week. If the brand or keg size you are interested in is available, and if given a few days notice, they are usually happy to add it to their next delivery.

As there are literally tens of thousands of breweries and brands of keg draft beer available, it's simply not possible for Micro Matic to maintain a listing of the sizes of keg, or area in which, each brand of draft beer is available. It is very important not to kink the beer hose as it leaves the coupler, this will restrict flow and cause foaming.

In general, at least 5" to 6" of clearance needs to be all owed above the keg for the keg coupler and beer hose. If you have limited space, an elbow fitting can be used to reduce the clearance to 4". In applications where there is hardly any clearance available, a low profile keg coupler that requires only 1" above the keg can be used.

Keg coupler with beer house
Keg coupler with elbow fitting
Low profile keg coupler