draft beer faqs

Do I need to clean the equipment and how often?

Regular cleaning of the faucet, beer hose, and keg coupler is extremely important. If this is not performed, the beer will foam. Additionally, bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone will build up and quickly degrade the quality of draft beer. A few minutes spent cleaning on a regular basis will greatly add to your draft beer enjoyment!

The simple process of cleaning your draft beer system takes only a few minutes and is easily accomplished by use of either a hand pumped cleaning bottle or pressurized cleaning bottle. This process involves pumping water mixed with cleaning chemical into the beer hose and letting it soak for the time prescribed by the chemical manufacturer. Then thoroughly flushing the beer hose with water to remove all traces of the cleaning chemical. The last and most often overlooked step is to soak the keg coupler and faucet in water with cleaning chemical then brush them clean with a cleaning brush and rinse them clean with water.

For commercial applications, the best cleaning method utilizes a recirculating cleaning pump. The turbulent circulating action created by recirculation is 80 times more effective than soaking a beer line.

As a maintenance issue, after cleaning it is always a good time to make sure the probe o-rings and bottom seal on the keg coupler are in good condition. As well as the friction washer, coupling washer, and shaft seat on the faucet are in good condition. You should also make sure the probe o-rings on the keg coupler are properly lubricated (with a food grade lubricant) to allow the keg coupler to work freely and prevent wear and tear that can occur when the keg coupler is tapped and untapped to the keg.

For a better understanding of these parts, see a typical keg coupler diagram and faucet diagram. To purchase replacement parts (o-rings, bottom seals, washers, etc): Simply locate on our website the assembled product you have, then click on More Info, then click on the Replacement Parts tab. Complete listings of available replacement parts are located on the Replacement Parts tab within each item.

For residential applications, cleaning should be performed after every keg change or at a minimum of every two weeks. Routine cleaning is essential to maintain the quality and fresh taste draft beer has to offer.

For commercial applications, cleaning should be performed at least every two weeks or following brewery recommendations and/or state guidelines.

Note: Draft beer systems should only be cleaned with cleaning chemicals that are specifically manufactured for beer line cleaning. Only cleaning chemicals specifically manufactured for beer line cleaning will dissolve the buildups of bacteria, yeast, mold, and beer stone that occur with draft beer. And for safety it is very important that all directions on these cleaning chemicals be followed completely.

Download Instructions for Pressurized Cleaning Bottle or Instructions for Hand Pumped Cleaning Bottle