draft beer faqs

Do I need special equipment to dispense hoppy home brew beer or wine?

Products such as wine, root beers, citrus drinks, and very hoppy home brew beers are more acidic than most draft beers. Over time this will dissolve the chrome or nickel plating which is standard on most draft beer dispensing products in the U.S.. This results in a slight metallic taste in the product being dispensed.

Unlike chrome or nickel plated hardware, stainless steel hardware is unaffected by the more acidic properties of these drinks. Therefore, ideally such products should be dispensed using stainless steel or plastic hardware wherever the hardware comes in contact with the product being dispensed. This includes a keg coupler with a stainless steel or plastic probe, stainless steel tail pieces for the beer hose assembly, stainless steel shanks, and stainless steel or plastic faucets.