draft beer faqs

Where can I find a faucet handle labeled with my favorite beer or team logo?

Unfortunately, faucet handles identified with brewery brand logos are available only to bars and restaurants. Local beer wholesalers install these as a visual marketing tools to help generate greater draft beer sales for the brands of draft beer they sell.

Such brewery brand logos are copyright protected and cannot be reproduced except under license. But, you may be able to find such handles at flea markets, or sometimes on auction websites. Check for listings of "beer brewania" for collectible handles. 

Team logos are also copyright protected, but they can be reproduced by companies if they have a copyright license from the specific sports team.

Most sports teams have a website, and it is recommended to check there to see if they sell faucet handles with their team logo. If not, they can usually refer you to the companies that have a copyright license to reproduce their logo.