Draft Service Repair Kit

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Draft Service Repair Kit
# DSK-1000
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Part #: DSK-1000
Convenient draft beer servicing repair kit – what you need when you need it.



Everything you need for servicing or making minor repairs to home or commercial draft beer systems. One convenient, easy to carry service & repair kit! This distinctive, yet durable zipper bag contains the parts and tools every draft tech needs. Professional tools and replacement parts make it easy to service and repair your draft beer system.

Who could use this

  • Draft Techs
  • Distributor Sales Reps
  • Home Users


  • Convenient size makes it easy to carry anywhere
  • Contains the most popular draft beer parts and tools
  • Plenty of room to add additional tools and parts


  • Thermometer—Temperature is critical in draft beer dispensing, check and know the beer is 38° F in the glass
  • Faucet Wrench—Essential tool to remove and tighten faucet
  • Nylon Faucet Brush—After disassembling faucet, use this perfect sized brush to remove build-up inside the faucet


  • Screw Clamp—Secure beer or gas hose connections
  • Neoprene Washer—Always use in hex nut connections to prevent beer leaks
  • Keg Coupler Body Washer—Replace a worn or chipped body washer to prevent leaks and ensure a tight seal with the coupler and the keg
  • Keg Coupler Check Valve—Replace a missing or damaged gas check valve to prevent gas leaks
  • CO2 Inlet Molded Washer—If there is no built-in rubber washer, or if the rubber washer is missing—always use a washer at the connection between the CO2 regulator and the gas cylinder
  • Faucet Coupling Washer—This washer is between the faucet and the beer shank. This washer wears out and becomes compressed over time and needs to be replaced to ensure a leak proof beer seal
  • Brass Lever—A worn or stressed faucet lever can break, especially if a large, heavy tap handle is used

Note: Designs of products will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, as well sometimes even from model to model of product produced by a manufacturer. While some replacement parts are common to most manufacturers, it is always recommended to purchase replacement parts from the manufacturer of the product to assure proper fit.


Kit Includes
1JE-3215 - 1" Dial Thermometer
6705W - Hose Screw Clamp
6759 - Neoprene Washer
2102-521 - Keg Coupler Body Washer
2102-530 - Keg Coupler Check Valve
1MP-042 - Faucet Wrench
1905W - Nylon Faucet Brush
24318 - Faucet Coupling Washer
6763D - CO2 Inlet Molded Washer
14312 - Faucet Lever, Brass
1R-12 - Micro Matic Logo Zippered Carrying Bag
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