Single Flusher Cleaning Cup

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Single Flusher Cleaning Cup


Beer Line Cleaning Single Flusher Cleaning Cup—Fits "D" and "S" Systems

Connect one (1) keg coupler and flush one beer line with check ball removed.

Usage Suggestion

Create your own cleaning adapter with a garden hose connected at your water faucet and a tailpiece and hex nut screwed onto the FT108. Turn on the garden faucet and flush through the coupler to the beer line and out the beer faucet. Fast and easy way for flushing beer out of jockey box coils! Then follow with cleaning chemical and flush again with clear water from the garden hose connection. Remember, when finished to blow out any water with CO2.

Choose stainless steel for the ultimate in purity!


TypeSingle Flusher
SystemD and S
MaterialStainless Steel
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