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Taps, Faucets & Shanks
for Beer Kegs

Beer Taps (Faucets) & Shanks

The beer faucet is the Point of Dispense: where draft beer meets the outside world. The faucet quite often is called the "beer tap" or "beer spigot." There are three types of beer faucets: standard, creamer and stout.

The standard beer tap is the most common style of beer faucet and is used for all types of lagers and ales.

The creamer beer tap is a standard style beer faucet with the capability to change texture and color of froth. This type of beer tap can make the beer creamier by pushing back on the faucet lever.

The stout beer tap is an elegant beer faucet and can only be used with stouts. This type of tap has a unique handle motion: push forward for pouring, push backward to finish with a creamy head.

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