Technical services

Micro Matic’s Packaging Division Team is here to serve you with personalized customer  service, consulting and technical services, spear refurbishment and replacement products, education and training services.


D System (aka American Sankey) is the most common style of keg spear employed throughout North America. We stock the most common spear lengths for all sizes of kegs and keg neck styles, and we will cut spears to any length needed at no additional charge.

Replacement A, G, M and S spears are available by special order from our European facilities.


We offer a complete range of tools and parts necessary for servicing your keg spears, including spear removal and installation tools, disassembly tools, parts for spear refurbishment, and more. D System tools and parts are stocked and ready to ship from our Brooksville Florida distribution center when an order is received.

In addition, we supply parts and tools for A, G, M and S Systems by special order. Every order is handled personally. We strive to ensure you only purchase exactly the tools and parts you need and that you know how to safely use them. You have our commitment to assist with establishing SOP and training following the best techniques for safe and effective tool use by your employees using our tools.


Micro Matic certifies third-party service providers who meet our high standards for returning your used Micro Matic valves to like-new condition. Please enquire about the current list.


Our Packaging Division Team provides you with the benefit of many years’ experience and easy access by phone, text and email.

We encourage you to leverage our years of experience to ensure your company’s success. From handling common questions to providing technical insight on keg cleaning, inspection, safe and effective repair and maintenance, we are here to help.


Micro Matic Packaging Division technical support services lead the industry with interactive training and troubleshooting. We strive to help you ensure your team is exposed to proven knowledge and awareness of safety and quality assurance concerns.

Contact your regional Packaging Division Sales Manager for information on upcoming workshops near you, or about hosting a group workshop.