Industries Served


Recognized leader in Closed Liquid Dispense solutions for the agricultural chemical industry. Our Closed Systems deliver years of reliable service in a variety of markets, including herbicides, pesticides and seed treatments. Worker and environmental safety are ensured while product integrity is protected across the entire value chain.
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diesel exhaust fluid

Our Closed Systems deliver consistent DEF purity, ensure packaging integrity and maximize operational efficiencies. We work with everyone within the supply chain to understand their go-to-market strategy and then assist in providing economical Closed System Solutions to ensure that they can deliver quality and keep a competitive edge.
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specialty chemicals

Specialty Chemicals
Micro Matic has served the global specialty chemical market with innovative Closed Liquid Dispense solutions targeted at the unique needs of a wide array of uses. By understanding the requirements of each company involved in the process, tailored solutions are developed that deliver sustainable value.
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commodity chemicals

Commodity Chemicals
Many commonly used industrial chemicals have benefitted from the implementation of Closed Liquid Dispense solutions. Product integrity, speed of filling and dispensing, and worker protection are some of the reasons that prudent organizations have installed and successfully used Micro Matic valve systems for many years.
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food processing

Food Processing
When controlled and hygienic dispense are required in food applications, Micro Matic offers solutions that increase efficiency, reduce waste, and add certainty to the packaging system that sensitive liquids call for.
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dry cleaning

Dry Cleaning
Safe Closed Liquid Dispense systems for hazardous chemicals used in dry cleaning have been protecting workers and the environment for many years. Utilizing Micro Matic technology, the supply chain is secure from fill through transport to dispense as well as the return of containers to be economically reused multiple times.
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Oils, fuel additives, lubricants and SCR-urea are a few examples of the Transportation markets that are well served by Micro Matic Closed Liquid Dispense solutions. Product integrity and elimination of loss and spills are some of the benefits the dry break valve systems confer.
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Micro Matic has a long history of innovation and creating specialty solutions for Closed Liquid Dispense systems. An impressive assortment of industrial containers have been utilized to best fit the requirement of you particular needs, and we constantly update our portfolio of products and services to insure that we can offer a customized answer that make the most sense for you.