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Reducing Processing & Packaging Costs

Our closed system solutions are the most cost-effective, single use, multi-use,  and refillable closed chemical systems in the market today. Designed to reduce processing costs, minimize warranty claims and improve operating performance, our closed systems ensures the container is Closed, Sealed & Secure from fill to dispense.

closed filling & refilling
the more you refill the more you can save

Reduce RSV Container Valve Low as 1¢ Per Gallon!

When you reuse the container valve you lower your cost per fill.The chart on the left illustrates the per gallon fill cost based on the number of fills/refills. It is estimated that a standard tote will be refilled 5 times annually, which equates to 2 cents per gallon/per fill for the complete RSV Container Valve Assembly. Save more and reduce costs by refilling.

NOTE: RSV System Includes: RSV Container Valve, Down Tube & Tamper Evident Wire Seal Based on purchase price of $27.50

Improve Operating Performance
Maximize Service Life when you reuse

The robust stainless steel construction of the RSV Closed System offers unparalleled service life and long-term economic savings.

Minimize Product Warranty Claims

The durable stainless steel container valve is tamper evident and safeguards against unauthorized access to the container contents; the proprietary keyed connection on the fill coupler ensures product purity in each and every fill.

Take advantage of the benefits of the RSV System Closed, Sealed & Secure technology.

Lower the Cost Per Fill
REDUCE Container
Re-Processing Costs

When using the RSV Closed, Sealed & Secure System for filling and re-filling you lower the cost per fill by eliminating the need to re-process or inspect the interior of the container prior to filling.

The RSV Closed System provides contaminant free filling by using a proprietary keyed connection between the container valve and fill coupler; With stainless steel construction, the RSV Closed System is designed to provide many years of reliable service life.

reduce cost & time
improve operational efficiencies

As illustrated in this graphic, by using the RSV Closed System you can reduce operating costs and time.

When you reduce maintenance processes within your operational cycle you can minimize the time it takes to keep product in the marketplace.

Also, when you can increase turns, less investment is needed for repackaging to support market demand, resulting in improved operating efficiencies and bottom-line savings.

Passionate About Solutions
SYSTEM Options

We are not a one size fits all company and offer variety of closed system options to best serve different operation and application environments so industry professionals can operate most efficiently, effectively and most importantly... economically.  

Plastic - Single Trip

An economical Single Trip solution that utilizes eco-friendly recyclable parts that minimize packaging costs and simplify container disposal.

Plastic - Reusable

A reusable valve system that simplifys end-use operations for your Returnable/Refillable and On-Site Refilling programs.

Stainless - Reusable

A rebuildable and reusable valve system built with robust materials to stand up to the toughest of operation environments in your  Returnable/Refillable and On-Site Refilling programs.

Stainless Pressure - Reusable

Designed for Returnable/Refillable and On-Site Refilling programs where a pump or pressure is used to empty the container.

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