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Keg Spears – replacement, repair
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Micro Matic "D" System (aka U.S. Sankey) Keg Spears are in stock and available for your used kegs. Contact us to order new spears and for assistance in sizing, keg neck type identification and exact version of the “D” System spear that you need.

While we are happy to provide new keg spears, we also offer assistance with extending the life of your existing keg spears! We have a full range of replacement parts and custom tools available for your Micro Matic keg spears, plus a technical support team to help you troubleshoot problems and safely keep your kegs in top condition.

Additionally, we offer a program for certification of third-party service providers who will recondition your kegs and/or Micro Matic spears.

Contact: Customer Service Coordinator
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We offer a complete lineup of replacement parts for D-system keg spears; our Packaging Division Catalog is available upon request. As the D-system is the most common style employed throughout North America, these corresponding replacement parts are stocked and ready to ship once an order has been received. However, we also offer support and will supply parts and tools for additional spear styles, such as the A, G, M, and S Systems by special order.


We offer a wide variety of tools necessary for servicing your keg spears, including spear removal and installation tools, disassembly tools, and more.

Along with our tools, we offer user training manuals and provide technical support over the phone and via email to help insure that you are following the best techniques for safe and effective tool use.

Micro Matic 3rd party certified valve refurbisher program

Micro Matic certifies 3rd party companies who meet our high standards for returning your used Micro Matic valves to like-new condition. Please contact us for the current listing of these service providers.

New generation keg spears

Purchasing new kegs? At Micro Matic we have introduced innovations for the D-System Keg Spears, available through most keg manufacturers.

Innovation unique to Micro Matic Keg Spears:

  • Color-coding of the CO2 valves for manual or camera-enabled mechanical separation of kegs that are due for routine, scheduled maintenance which Micro Matic recommends at approximately 7-8 year cycles. In 2017 the color-code was green; in 2018 it is was brown; in 2019 it is yellow. (Note that there will be a 3-4 month transition period each year from one color to the next.)
  • Safety pressure-release feature of CO2 valves allows controlled deformation of the CO2 gasket without dangerous ejection of valve parts.
  • Retainer disc redesign for enhanced clean-ability and sanitation eliminating internal flat metal-on-metal parts interface.

Contact: Jon B Graber, Sales Manager USA and Canada
817-403-1502 |

Contact: Customer Service Representative
888-453-4776 |

NOTE: Be sure to specify Micro Matic New Generation D System Keg Spears, item #900-060 when you order new kegs from your preferred keg manufacturer.