Brewer's Edge Digital Temperature Controller II | E54

Brewer's Edge Digital Temperature Controller II

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Temperature Controller
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Brewer's Edge Digital Temperature Controller II - E54: Temperature controller helps turn any freezer into a beer kegerator. Features digital LCD display screen and easy setup



Brewer's Edge Digital Beer Temperature Controller II

Can I use a freezer to dispense draft beer? 

Digital Temperatuer Controller Product Highlights:

Convert any freezer into a Kegerator!

Best of all, no wiring is required. Just plug what you want to control in the outlet cord, put the submersible sensor in the area to be controlled, and program the temperature. (The sensor cord is only 1/16" diameter, requiring only a small hole to be drilled or simply lay the sensor cord between the door seal and the main unit).

Digital Temperature Controller Features:
  • This digital thermostat simply turns off the freezer when it reaches the specified temperature, also included is a submersible stainless steel sensor ideal for monitoring the true liquid temperature.
  • Precision adjustable LCD temperature control!
  • The digital controller features a 6' power cord, 6' outlet cord, and a submersible stainless steel sensor on a 6' sensor cord that can be located in a small bottle of water of a true liquid temperature reading.
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Manufacturers Warranty:
One Year
Note: This Temperature Controller is not designed to over-ride, repair or replace a defective Kegerator or its thermostat.


Temperature Range-20°F to 200°F (Can be switched from cooling to heating)
Temperature AdjustmentDigital liquid crystal display (Accurate to +/- 1.5°)
SensorSubmersible stainless steel on a 6' long sensor cord
Differential1°-30° (A setting of 2° is ideal)
PowerWill control up to a 12 Amp (110 Volt) refrigerator or freezer
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Some Refinement Tips for Users of this [Johnson Controls A419] thermal controller
By BigBear from Riverside, CA on Tuesday, April 26, 2011
5 out of 5 found this review helpful
Well, I'm eager to fill my freezer! I've got my thermal controller. But it's not for beer. I'm choosing to make a poor man's wine refrigerator of my top-loading freezer. I'm guessing I can get 100 bottles of wine in there. It may be "inconvenient" by standards of someone willing to pay over $1,000 for a wine chiller/refrigerator with glass doors, stainless steel or teakwood, but it is more energy efficient. I can put the wine bottles on their sides in rectangular plastic storage trays, and lift them out one at a time to get to those bottom bottles.

The controller has a thermal sensor that appears to have an aluminum tube exterior crimped and sealed to the sensor wiring. This metallic sensor is about 3" long and 0.25" thick. And it's supposed to work best when immersed in liquid.

So I found an old aluminum cigar-container -- they usually come with a screw cap, and they're shaped like a test-tube. Got a #2 rubber stopper from the hardware store, and used an awl to bore a hole through its center. Then, I pushed the sensor through the hole leaving only the crimped end visible, filled the cigar-tube with cheap brandy so that just a little air would be left after pushing the stopper into the cigar-tube. I wrapped the end with the stopper and sensor with rubber automotive self-adhesive hose bandage.

I may hope that the "SF" control as set from the menu (for "sensor failure" will shut off the freezer with a setting of "0." But at least the brandy is less likely to freeze.

I'll keep my wine at a temperature between 60F and 65F -- by setting the "setpoint" temperature at 65F and the dIF (differential) to 5.

Heck of a way to extend the use of an old freezer. And according to an Australian engineer who built his own control for a freezer-to-refrigerator conversion, the system will be more efficient than any expensive "side-door" wine chiller, since the cold air will stay in the freezer (except for pulling out my trays). Further, electrical consumption is cut to about 10% of what would be expected from an ordinary "side-door" refrigerator or for just using the freezer as a deep-freeze.

This is going to be just great.

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A great piece of equipment
By El geordie from Virginia on Wednesday, December 09, 2009
12 out of 14 found this review helpful
I've had one of these for a couple of years. It is basically a PLC (programable Logic Controller) with a thermocouple.
If you're tech savvy it is fairly easy to set up and does a great job maintaining a constant temperature within a programable range.
The temperature probe is designed to be submerged in liquid - a cup of water.
Although digital isn't necessarily more accurate than analog, this controller has a lot of options that help to keep your beer at the optimum temperature.
Not the cheapest but I think it is worth the exta $.

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Works well
By Greg on Wednesday, November 25, 2009
17 out of 17 found this review helpful
Works great when compared to my built in danby temp controller. I believe this is just a re branded Johnson Controls A419 control unit though. Which can be had for $60ish online.

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By Robert See from OBrien, Florida on Saturday, November 10, 2007
38 out of 44 found this review helpful
Have used one on refrigerator to keep keg at proper serving temperature. Works great. I placed the temperature probe in an old jar with water to keep the temperature constant when opening and closing the door.

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