Do-It-Yourself Kegerator Conversion Kits

Kegerator Conversion Kits

Do-It-Yourself Kegerator Conversion Kits

kegerator conversion kits

Enjoy cold, fresh draft beer at home and save money too! A glass of draft beer is about ½ the cost of cans or bottles. Our Kegerator Conversion Kits are ideal for the home bar, patio, college activities or custom installations. The kits make an excellent alternative to the more expensive Keg Refrigerator or Kegerator.

Free Instructions: Kegerator Conversion Kit Instructions

Micro Matic offers a great selection of kits to fit any installation or budget. Order manufacturer direct for the finest and most complete Kegerator Conversion Kits on the market today!

Kegerator Conversion Kits are the simplest and most economical way to convert a new or spare food refrigerator into an impressive home draught beer system or kegerator. You can even convert a freezer into a kegerator by adding a temperature control unit.

We offer the largest selection of Kegerator Conversion Kits on the web. The kits have new, commercial grade components – the same you would expect at your local tavern. All our kits are easy to install with our complete step-by-step instructions. Kegerator Conversion Kits are simple to assemble and make a great gift for the do-it-yourself beer lover in your family.

Two Types of Kegerator Conversion Kit

There are many variations of Kegerator Conversion Kits. These kits have been divided into two categories:

Kegerator Door Mount Conversion Kits
Beer is dispensed from a faucet mounted on the door. This is the most traditional kit and it allows easy access to storage of additional cans or bottles in the refrigerator.

Kegerator Tower Conversion Kits
Beer is dispensed from a tower mounted on the counter top installation. Perfect for “built-in” installations for the at home bar look. You can use an under counter refrigerator or possibly convert a top opening chest-style freezer.

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    Finding the right refrigerator to make your Kegerator is important, you must be sure to purchase one that is the right size ...
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    Keg dimensions will help you determine what size refrigerator ...
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    Availability of each size of keg will vary by brand and location ...
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    There has never been an anatomy class like this. You'll enjoy the final exam - pour a perfect glass of draft beer. Take a tour of the components and equipment settings of a draft beer dispenser. Our animated presentation will leave you thirsty.
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    Its true, kegerators and kegerator kits are actually a much cheaper way to drink beer. Think about it, buying in bulk is always the best way to save, right? Thats what a kegerator does; it allows you to buy beer in bulk. When you purchase beer by the keg you pay 50% less than if you purchased bottled beer.
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    Converting a freezer into a Kegerator to dispense Draft Beer is quite simple. However ...
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    Perfecting the perfect pour is an essential part of being a great bar tender. Whether you are serving beer in a bar or from the comfort of your own home, learning the techniques for the perfect pour will ensure you are always serving draft beer the way the brewer intended. The perfect pour is an art, affecting not only the presentation of the beer but more importantly the flavor.