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Door Kegerator Kits

Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kits

Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kits provide straight-forward beer dispensing:  Beer Shank and faucet is mounted over or through faucet drip tray directly into the door of a refrigerated cabinet or the wall of a cold room. For wall mounted installations, keep wall thickness to a minimum so that the shank does not warm up in the un-insulated space. Mounting the shank and beer faucet on the door of a refrigerator typically ensures adequate cooling for beer in the beer line.

Free Instructions - How to build a Kegerator
Door Mount Kegerator Conversion Kits

Basic Kegerator components:
· CO2 Gas Regulator
· Brewery Approved Pressure Hose with Connectors
· System D “American” Keg Coupler
· Brewery Approved Beer Hose with Connectors
· Beer Shank Assembly
· Shank Door/Wall Spacer
· Beer Faucet and knob
· Step-by-step instructions

Variations to the base kegerator components are:
· CO2 Cylinder
· Beer Drip Tray: keyhole mount or shank mount 
· Beer Line Cleaning Kit