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Keep Your Competitive Edge!

Training and Education for the Draft Professional

Micro Matic Dispense Institute

We have four regional training centers devoted to educating your staff on the fundamentals of maintaining draft beer quality from keg to glass. The curriculum includes latest technologies to optimize system performance and maximize profits.

Over the Last 10 Years We Have Successfully Trained and Certified Over 30,000 Draft Beer Technicians, On-Premise Operators and Service Support Staff

Experience You Can Trust

With decades of experience, Micro Matic knows the issues and obstacles facing the restaurant operator. Our "Dispense Institute" curriculum provides the technical knowledge, implementation tools and dedicated resources to improve draft beer quality and operating efficiencies – with a particular focus on leveraging resources to deliver lower total costs and maximum returns.

Best Practice

By aligning proven technologies with best practices, we help reduce costs and increase profits to achieve your operational goals; and with participants from all over the world, you get a global view of the draft beer market and the experience of others.

Hands-on Training Environment

The Dispense Institute is a blend of theory and practice – a true hands-on experience within a team environment. We put the tools in your hands and let you solve the problem! Utilizing our understanding of industry best practices and emerging technologies, we are able to design and implement training courses that enable you to become more competitive in the marketplace.

Our Training Programs are Scalable and Customer Specific!

Custom On-Site Training

The Dispense Institute offers a variety of training courses – from advanced technical classes to entry-level indoctrination. We offer on-site training customized to the audience or operational need. Whether it is "draft beer technology for beginners" or training bartenders on "basic dispensing techniques," we put the tools in your hands and teach you how to
apply them.

24/7 Online Learning Center

Access articles, participate in the beer forum, read our beer news blog or join our social network to learn (in real-time) how to solve a problem and benefit from the many insights provided. Training and education on the web is essential to the process of improving draft beer knowledge and learning technical skills to optimize quality and profits. Our online articles focus on best practices and provide our customers with the tools necessary to assess and audit operational needs. Our courses focus on profits, return-on-investment, operational efficiencies and many more topics.

Training to Maximize Profits

From analyzing payback on equipment investments, to pour cost analytics and understanding operational efficiencies, our dedicated team can help monitor and measure return-on-investment. Our trainers look at asset utilization and best industry practices to optimize profits.

To Help You Realize the Full Potential of Your Draft Beer Dispensing System:

  • A specially assembled nationwide team of trained, certified professionals with the skills needed to deliver custom solutions
  • Expertise and knowledge of best practices in system designs and enhancements
  • Training and education programs to improve and optimize system operating efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Web-based business enterprise solutions to increase ROI analyzing draft beer pour information across multiple locations in real time; capture and consolidate data to drive results

Course Instructors

Over 100 Years of Collective Experience

Benefit from the experiences of our course instructors and training support staff who collectively have over 100 years experience in the "art of dispensing quality draft beer."
Read our instructor's bios here

Enhance Your Knowledge

  • Lab-based interactive hands-on classes
  • On-site workshops
  • Online learning center
  • Comprehensive training and education manuals