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Beer Line Cleaning Chemicals


Perhaps the most crucial component of maintaining a top of the line draft beer system is proper cleaning. Special beer line cleaner is necessary to thoroughly and properly clean your draft beer system. Periodic full-system cleaning reduces mineral deposits or bio-films that can build-up on the inner walls of the beer line and other dispensing components causing off-taste in your beer and resulting in customer complaints. Dispensing components that must be cleaned include the beer line itself, keg coupler, faucet, and anything else that might come in contact with the beer itself. The right mix of chemicals removes these deposits.

  • Micro Matic beer and wine line cleaners make it easy for you to maintain a top of the line draft beer system to deliver a perfect pint. Cleaner is color-coded to eliminate guess work by easily identifying when the chemical is in use, and when its been rinsed out of the lines.
  • State-of-the-art surfactant with proper chelators, dispersants and scale inhibitors to allow the total package to work more efficiently than any other product on the market.
  • Micro Matic line cleaner is the lowest foaming alkaline cleaner on the market.