Premium Series Dual Primary CO2 Regulator Battery

Dual Primary CO2 Regulator


Ideal for dispensing two draft beers that require different CO2 pressures. Add—on module type design makes expansion easy. Regulator Batteries can be wall mounted with the addition of a wall bracket, and a high pressure CO2 hose allows easy connection to the gas cylinder. To prevent your gas cylinder from falling over and damaging the regulators, be sure the cylinder is always secured in an upright position with either a chain or strap.

Additionally, be sure the cylinder is located away from any sources of heat. (For more information, see Do I need to keep the CO2 tank inside the refrigerator?)


  • Built for durability: Forged brass body with a chrome plated finish
  • Nickel—plated valve seats for high corrosion resistance
  • Constant pressure supply at high output flow rates
  • Easy to use dial knob for pressure adjustment
  • Built in CO2 resistant, long lasting solid Nylon inlet seal
  • Integrated sintered bronze mesh inlet filter


What pressure do I need to set my CO2 beer regulator at?


TypePrimary Regulator Battery - CO2
InstallationCO2 tank mount (CGA-320 Threads)
Performance2 Pressure / 2 Product
Output Pressure Gauges0-60 PSI, for accurate product pressure
Tank Pressure Gauge0-3000 PSI, for accurate remaining tank pressure
CapacitySCFM 3.5 Max
Outlet Barbs3/8" O.D. (To fit 5/16" I.D. Gas Hose)
Integral PRVsSafety pressure relief valve releases at 55-65 PSI
Dimensions7 1/4"H x 13"W
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Excellent regulator, but buy check valves too!
By Jason Parrish from Santa Rosa, CA on Monday, May 17, 2010
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This valve system is wonderful to use in a kegerator environment. The large-format adjustment knobs make it easy for a homebrewer to dial in the right pressure without pulling out a screwdriver every time.

The ONE ISSUE is the product comes without the 'shut-off and check valve' installed, which you need to buy separately for $12 a piece (just a regular shut-off valve is included). The power went out in my kegerator without my knowing and after 24 hours, I had beer backing up through my CO2 line into the regulator... 6 months later I'm having to replace the entire assembly since the shut-off valves that came with the system don't have the back-up check valve built into the unit. Please, please, please do yourself a favor and shell out the extra $20 to purchase the shut off and check valves (Part #1600CAB) if you're going to buy this unit. Or Micromatic could simply add them automatically to the product, since the check valves are only $2 more than the ones currently built into the product... $4 vs $140 for entire replacement.

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Product Quality
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Neccesary for diff. keg co2 pressures
By mike sanders from H-town Texas on Wednesday, November 28, 2007
13 out of 13 found this review helpful
I built my first keg system several years ago and made the mistake of not getting a part like this. I was running some really small homebrew or microbrew beers requiring differing pressure levels and couldn't figure out why one beer would taste off or why the other was too foamy, etc, etc. fork out the dough for something like this to avoid this experience. this particular one is my first MM regulator but i have been quite pleased with the ordering experience.

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