Double Gauge - CO2 Primary - 1 Pressure - 2 Kegs

Primary Double Gauge - 2 Kegs



  • 2 shut—offs for 2 keg dispensing!
  • Built for durability: forged brass body, accurate machining, chrome plated finish
  • Nickel—plated valve seats for high corrosion resistance
  • Constant pressure supply at high output flow rates
  • Easy to use dial knob for pressure adjustment
  • Built in CO2 resistant, long lasting solid Nylon inlet seal
  • Integrated sintered bronze mesh inlet filter


What pressure do I need to set the CO2 beer regulator at?
What is the difference between a regulator with one gauge and one with two gauges?


TypePrimary Regulator - CO2
InstallationCO2 tank mount (CGA-320 threads)
Performance1 Pressure / 2 Products
Output Pressure Gauge0-60 PSI, for accurate product pressure
Tank Pressure Gauge0-3000 PSI, for accurate remaining tank pressure
CapacitySCFM 3.5 Max
Outlet Barbs3/8" O.D. (To fit 5/16" I.D. Gas Hose)
Integral PRVSafety pressure relief valve releases at 55-65 PSI
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Worth every penny
By Ted Fisher from Madison, WI on Thursday, August 13, 2009
13 out of 13 found this review helpful
Regulates pressure like any other regulator, but what makes this premium is the adjustment, and the pressure relief valve. Unlike the economy regulator, you can adjust the pressure by hand, with no need for search around for a screwdriver. A little thing, I know, but quite nice.

The best thing about this regulator is the pressure relief valve. When going from a higher PSI to a lower one, it automatically vents the excess pressure so you always have a correct reading on the gauge.

My old one didn't have these features, and I would have to find a screwdriver, adjust the pressure, pop the relief valve to see the new pressure, and readjust.

This is one sexy regulator, as far as regulators go.

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Product Quality
Ease of Use
Customer Service
By Ralphie from Small-town Cali on Monday, November 26, 2007
8 out of 10 found this review helpful
This thing is a beauty, and it works just as well as it looks. I've never had any problems with it and recently ordered one for a friend and thus far he's enjoying it as well. It's very rugged and sturdy.... great for smaller commercial operations, i'd say (that's what I'm using it for).

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